LDI Provost's Interdisciplinary Seminar on Health Informatics

Christos Davatzikos, PhD
Department of Radiology
The Johns Hopkins Medical Institution

"Deformable Shape Modeling for Biomedical Applications"

October 26, 2001, 11:00a.m.
GRASP Laboratory
318C, Large Conference Room
(3401 Walnut Street)

Deformable models have found widespread applicability in diverse fields during the past 15 years. This talk will discuss deformable shape models in the context of two problems: computational anatomy and modeling soft tissue deformability for surgical applications. A shape-based approach to deformable registration of brain images will be presented, which is based on matching geometric attributes calculated at different scales and embedded in a hierarchical framework. A framework for combining point distribution models and biomechanics will also be presented, with the goal of predicting soft tissues deformations during surgery. Applications of these methods to large imaging studies are also presented, with emphasis on a longitudinal study of aging aiming at establishing quantitative criteria for early prediction of Alzheimer's disease, using morphological and functional measurements.

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