LDI Issue Brief
1994-1996 Issue Briefs

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 Medicare Support of Nursing Education by Aiken L. 3(2): 1996

A University and Community Partnership for Cancer Control Education by Lowe, J. 3(1): 1996

Models of Physician-Hospital Organization: Possibilities and Pitfalls by Burns L.R. 2(7): 1995

Deciding Who Needs Emergency Care: Triage Guidelines and Gatekeeping by Lowe R. 2(6):1995

Organ Procurement and Transplantation: Ethical and Practical Issues by Caplan A. 2(5): 1995

Tax Credits and Medical Savings Accounts by Pauly and Goodman. 2(4): 1995

Adolescents: Access and Availability of Health Care by Slap G.B. 2(3): 1995

Homelessness: Rates for General Population and People with Serious Mental Illness. 2(2): 1995

International Price Comparisons for Pharmaceuticals. 1(1): 1994

The Role of Clinical Practice Guidelines in Health Care Reform. 1(2): 1994

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