Rodrigo, M.M.T., Ocumpaugh, J., Diy, W.D., Moreno, M., De Santos, M., Cargo, N., Lacson, J., Santos, D., Aduna, D., Beraquit, J.I., Bringula, R., Caparros, M.R.M., Choi, A.T., Ladan, S., Lim, J., Manahan, D.M.A., Paterno, J.M.G., Saturinas, K., Tabanao, E., Tablatin, C., Torres, J., Porayska-Pomsta, K., Olatunji, I., Luckin, R. (2019) Ibigkas!: The Iterative Development of a Mobile Collaborative Game for Building Phonemic Awareness and Vocabulary. Computer-Based Learning in Context, 1(1), 28-42.

Abstract. Filipino learners’ lack of English language proficiency is a major barrier to higher education opportunities and participation in high-value industries. Computer-based learning systems have the potential to increase educational quality, equity, and efficacy in the Global South. However, a key challenge is to design systems that are developmentally and socio-culturally appropriate and engaging for the target learners. In this paper, we describe the design, development, and preliminary testing of Ibigkas!, a collaborative, mobile phone-based game designed to provide phonemic awareness and vocabulary building support to Filipino learners aged 10-12.


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