Spring 2016 Course Timetable

ACCT Accounting
AFST African Studies Program
AFRC Africana Studies
AMCS Applied Math & Computational Science
ANCH Ancient History
ANEL Ancient Near East Languages
ANTH Anthropology
ARAB Arabic
ARCH Architecture
AAMW Art & Archaeology of the Mediterranean World
ARTH Art History
ASAM Asian American Studies
ALAN Asian Languages
ASTR Astronomy & Astrophysics
BENF Benjamin Franklin Seminars
BEPP Business Econ & Public Policy
BFMD Benjamin Franklin Seminars - Med
BCHE Biochemistry - (Undergraduate)
BMB Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics (Graduate)
BE Bioengineering
BIOE Bioethics (Medical Ethics)
BIBB Biological Basis of Behavior
BIOL Biology
BIOM Biomedical Studies
BSTA Biostatistics
CAMB Cell & Molecular Biology
CBE Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chinese
CINE Cinema Studies
CPLN City & Regional Planning
CLST Classical Studies
COGS Cognitive Science
COLL College
COMM Communications
COML Comparative Literature & Literary Theory
CIS Computer & Information Science
CIT Computer & Information Technology
CRIM Criminology
DEMG Demography
DTCH Dutch
EALC East Asian Languages & Civilizations
EDCE Continuing Education
EEUR Eastern European Languages
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENGR Engineering
ESE Electrical & Systems Engineering
EAS Engineering & Applied Science
ENM Engineering Mathematics
ENMG Energy Management & Policy
ENGL English
ENVS Environmental Studies
FNCE Finance
FNAR Fine Arts
FOLK Folklore
EPID Epidemiology
FREN French
GAS Graduate Arts & Sciences
GSWS Gender Sexuality & Women’s Studies
GCB Genomics and Computational Biology
GEOL Geology
GRMN Germanic Languages
GREK Greek
GUJR Gujarati
HCMG Health Care Management
HPR Health Policy Research
HSOC Health & Societies
HEBR Hebrew
HIND Hindi
HSPV Historic Preservation
HIST History
HSSC History & Sociology of Science
IMUN Immunology
INTS International Studies
IPD Integrated Product Design
INTG Integrated Studies
INTR International Relations
ITAL Italian
JPAN Japanese
JWST Jewish Studies Program
KORN Korean
LARP Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning
LATN Latin
LALS Latin American & Latino Studies
LGST Legal Studies & Business Ethics
LSMP Life Sciences Management Program
LING Linguistics
LGIC Logic, Information & Computation
MLYM Malayalam
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MSSP Master in Social Policy
MTR Master in Science and Translational Research
MSE Materials Science & Engineering
MATH Mathematics
MEAM Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics
MSCI Military Science
MMES Modern Middle Eastern Studies
MUSA Master of Urban Spatial Analytics
MUSC Music
NANO Nanotechnology
NETS Networked and Social Systems
NSCI Naval Science
NELC Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
NGG Neuroscience
NPLD Non Profit Leadership
NURS Nursing
OPIM Operations & Information Management
PERS Persian
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PPE Philosophy, Politics, & Economics
PSCI Political Science
PRTG Portuguese
PSYC Psychology
PSYS Psychoanalytic Studies
PUBH Public Health Studies
PUNJ Punjabi
REAL Real Estate
RELS Religious Studies
ROML Romance Languages
RUSS Russian
SKRT Sanskrit
SCND Scandinavian Languages
STSC Science, Technology & Society
SLAV Slavic Languages
SWRK Social Policy & Practice
SOCI Sociology
SAST South Asia Studies
SPAN Spanish
STAT Statistics
TELU Telugu
TAML Tamil
THAR Theatre Arts
TURK Turkish
URBS Urban Studies
VLST Visual Studies
VIPR Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research
WH Wharton Undergraduate
WRIT Writing Program
YDSH Yiddish
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