Provost's Classroom Facilities Review Committee

The Classroom Facilities Review Committee was established by the Provost in 1992 to develop and manage a program of expedited renovation for the Central Pool classrooms. The committee includes the Associate Provost for Education, a faculty chair, and faculty and staff from each school that uses Central Pool classrooms, as well as representatives from the division of University Life (VPUL), Information Systems and Computing (ISC), the Office of the University Registrar (OUR), and Facilities Services (FRES). The promotion of quality classroom space across the University continues to be the committee's principal goal.

Chairperson: Dennis DeTurck, Professor of Mathematics
Chairperson of Implementation Subcommittee: Margaret Kip, University Registrar

Ex-officio Member:
    Rob Nelson, Executive Director for Academic and Technology Planning, Office of the Provost
    Beth Winkelstein, Vice Provost for Education

Faculty Representatives:
    Roger Allen, SAS
    Arthur Dunham, Biology, SAS
    Larry Gladney, Physics, SAS
    Lina Hartocollis, Associate Dean, Social Policy & Practice
    Michael Leja, History of Art, SAS
    Susan Margulies, Bioengineering, SEAS
    Dave Reibstein, Marketing, Wharton
    Simon Richter, German, SAS
    Connie Scanga, Nursing
    Emily Steiner, English, SAS
    Sharon Thompson-Schill, Psychology, SAS

Administrative Staff:
    Laura Carney, Manager of Event Services, Perelman Quadrangle
    Jeff Douthett, Director, Classroom Technology Services
    Emily Elliott, Associate Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
    Laurie Hall, Associate Director, University Life Facilities and Events Management
    Meghan Mahony, Assistant Registrar for Scheduling, Office of the University Registrar
    Donna Milici, Executive Director, Client Services, ISC
    Peter Morgans, Building Administrator/Facilities Manager, University Life Facilities
    Robert Piasecki, Project Manager, Facilities and Real Estate Services