The Man Who Would
Never Be Mayor

In the race for Philadelphia’s top job, Michael Nutter W’79 was dismissed as the candidate without a constituency.  His journey from last place to landslide victory had the markings of a political miracle. Now the public expects more.
By Trey Popp

Keeping Faith
Bloodied but unbowed by his stint as George W. Bush’s first “faith czar,” Political Science Professor John J. DiIulio Jr. C’80 G’80 is more convinced than ever of America’s faith-based future—and he has a new book, Godly Republic, that tells why. | An interview and excerpt

Ghost Landscapes
A collection of infrared photographs of historic ruins in the U.S. conjures a “spirit world of haunted beauty.” | Images from American Ruins by Arthur Drooker C’76

Volume 106, No.3
Cover Photo by Candace diCarlo

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Notes from the Undergrad Seeing the big picture
Alumni Voices What I learned in summer school
Elsewhere Footsore in Cairo
Expert Opinion Preserving playtime

GAZETTEER : News & Sports
Delaware Waterfront plan announced
Pretty big finish for “Little Ben”
Herzog on cinema studies: “Abolish these courses”
The DNA Defense?
Former econ prof pleads guilty to manslaughter
Rhodes Scholar Joyce Meng
A Marshall for Steve Danley
Richard Serra’s menagerie
Student uses sneakers as canvases
Engineering awarded $70 million gift-in-kind
Blogger Juan Cole on tenure’s coming collapse
$10 million for community partnerships
Women’s soccer Ivy champs

ART Parting words from the Arthur Ross Gallery’s longtime director
BOOKS How to build a children’s museum. Design for Kids
EXHIBITION Gardens in motion at the Architectural Archives
Briefly Noted
Arts Calendar

ALUMNI : Profiles
Ed Stefanski W’76 is the Philadelphia 76ers’ new GM
Toomas Hendrik Ilves G’78 is Estonia’s president
David Jones C’63 G’64 can tell you a few things about Canada
David Richter EAS’87 W’87 L’92 does construction on a grand scale
Karen Falk C’84 G’84 has the map to Sesame Street

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