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Robert L. Richards, ChE'22, Greenville, Del., former vice president of the DuPont Co., who had served on the executive committee of its board; March 8. He had a 53-year career with DuPont, which took him to France to study cellophane manufacture, then to return to supervise the pioneer American plant in Buffalo, N.Y., and to Argentina, to establish rayon and cellophane production there.

Ralph L. Lochner, W'23, Longboat Key, Fla., retired Eastern advertising manager for the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co.; April 15.

Margaret B. Bostwick, OT'24, Perkasie, Pa., December 17, 1996.

Dr. Walter H. Burgin, C'24, M'27, Mechanicsburg, Pa., October 2, 1996.

Walter F. Hatley Sr., WEv'25, San Juan, P.R., April 1995.

Jennie T. Shufflebotham, DH'25, Nazareth, Pa., retired dental hygienist in Easton for 40 years; April 25.

Dr. James W. Springsted, C'25, D'26, Dewey, Ariz., a retired dentist; January 30, 1997.

Dr. Dwight L. Wilbur, M'26, San Francisco, a retired gastroenterologist who had once served as president of the American Medical Association; March 9. During his career of over 50 years he served as a clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University and published more than 200 scientific articles in his field. He served as president of many other medical organizations, including the American College of Physicians, the American Gastroenterological Association, and the California Medical Society.

John B. Allen, W'27, Watertown, Conn., February 7, 1997.

Hugh G. Evans, W'27, Louisville, Ky., a retired self-employed insurance salesman, 1996.

Anna C. Gandy, Ed'27, G'30, Ocean City, N.J., March 1.

Daniel Gaudin, C'27, Sykesville, Md., retired Foreign Service officer, April 21. He was on the fencing team at Penn, and on the 1928 U.S. Olympic team.

Dr. Ruth Capers McKay, Gr'27, Sarasota, Fla., taught general literature at Wheaton, Radcliffe and Smith Colleges, was dean at the New England Conservatory of Music and executive director of the Opera Company of Boston, April 7.

Irving J. Silverherz, W'27, Lantana, Fla., March 1997, retired stock broker.

Albert F. Van Hest, C'27, D'28, Moorestown, N.J., March 15, retired dentist.

Anthony J. Cossa, Ar'28, Cherry Hill, N.J., retired architect, designed Philadelphia-area apartments, business complexes and Camden's City Hall, March 1.

Reuben Herzfeld, C'28, Cincinnati, November 17, 1996.

Samm Sinclair Baker, W'29, Mamaroneck, N.Y., wrote over 30 self-help books from diet to gardening to sex, including co-authoring the bestseller, The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet; March 5.

Reynolds W. Bennett, W'29, Owego, N.Y., a retired manager of the J.J. Newberry Company stores in Tupper Lake and Oswego, N.Y.; February 11, 1997.

Vincent F. Gegan, W'29, L'32, Mechanicsville, Md., November 1995.


Thomas A. Fransioli, Ar'30, Wenham, Mass., architect and artist, March 23.

Albert E. Kunkel, WEv'30, Drexel Hill, Pa., October 22, 1992.

Alfred J. Odiorne, W'30, Willow Street, Pa., March 5.

Elizabeth R. Brown, Ed'31, Colorado Springs, Colo., former Philadelphia schoolteacher, April 23.

Nancy Nesbitt Jansson, G'31, Racine, Wisc., April 19, 1995.

Mary Stephens O'Brien, DH'31, East Hartford, Conn., a retired dental hygienist; February 26, 1997. She had worked in private practice and for the Travelers Insurance Co. and the Manchester school system.

Andrea Van Steenburgh Peterson, Ed'31, Denver, March 9. She had taught in Cleveland for some years.

Charles T. Cole Jr., ME'32, Bryn Mawr, former manager of RCA's Viking Mars program; February 15, 1997. He later served as manager of the company's Astro electronic division in Princeton, N.J. He also developed cameras used on the Apollo Moon missions and worked on the production of weather satellites for the U.S. Air Force and sonar systems for the Navy.

Peter Place Cook, W'32, Sandwich, Mass., a farmer and owner of Quail Hollow Farm; February 2, 1997. At Penn, he was a member of the varsity heavyweight-rowing team.

Joseph I. Gross, C'32, Short Hills, N.J., January 22, 1996.

Dr. Herbert H. Holman, C'32, Menlo Park, Calif., a retired physician; September 9, 1996.

Chester W. McMullen, W'32, Deland, Fla., June 1995.

William B. Reed, L'32, Poland, Ohio, an attorney; February 22, 1997.

Frank L. Blumberg, W'33, Pikesville, Md., retired head of an advertising agency; March 16.

Dr. Charles H. DuQuesnay, C'33, D'35, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, a retired dentist; March 18.

Louis D. Engel, W'33, Chandler, Ariz., February 1, 1997.

Alfred W. Harris, Ar'33, a Cleveland residential architect; March 11. He designed the plan to refurbish Andersen Hall. And he designed show houses for the Cleveland Home and Flower Show.

Adele Sion Kubert, Ed'33, Philadelphia, April 3.

Dr. Israel Nathanson, D'33, Philadelphia, retired dentist who had maintained a practice for more than 50 years; March 29. He had served as a consultant with the old Skin and Cancer Hospital.

Dr. B. Rudolph Beale, M'34, Lemoyne, Pa., a retired physician; March 11.

Norman R. Boyer, G'34, Reading, Pa., October 14, 1996.

Dr. Duncan M. Gage, C'34, Lewistown, Maine, former assistant professor of physics at the University of New Haven; March 12. He later taught at the University of Maine. He had earlier served for 30 years as a physicist with the Union Carbide Corp. in its New York division. And during the Second World War he worked on the Manhattan Project.

John E. Reilly, W'34, Dunedin, Fla., a former sales manager for the Ashland Oil Co. in Kentucky; March 5.

Dr. Victor P. Satinsky, C'34, Philadelphia, a cardiovascular surgeon at the old Hahnemann Hospital who helped develop coronary-bypass surgery; September 7. He is also credited with 30 major medical innovations and the invention of the Satinsky clamp, now a standard instrument in cardiovascular surgery. He joined Hahnemann (now part of the Allegheny health system) in 1946 to do thoracic-surgical research, and from 1961 till his retirement in 1977 he was the research director of its cardiovascular institute. Dr. Satinsky liked to refer to himself on promotional materials as 'the Renaissance Doctor', as he was also a poet, a playwright (some of his plays were produced in London), a painter, a clarinetist, and a fencer; he was known at Hahnemann for practicing his swordsmanship in the halls and classrooms of the hospital. And at the age of 80, he earned a black belt in aikido, and subsequently taught it. Although he had no religious training, during the Second World War he once filled in as a rabbi on a troopship going to Europe when he learned it had chaplains, but no rabbi. He also had taught himself psychiatry and while at Hahnemann developed educational programs for young people; the first, for gifted high-school students, began in 1961. He later added programs for disadvantaged youth, for young people with emotional problems, and one for college dropouts. On retiring, he set up the Satinsky Institute for Human Resource Development to continue this work, which he ran until his death at 84 years.

Lincoln V. Burrows, WG'35, Longport Key, Fla., a retired national sales manager for Eastman Kodak; April 10. During the Second World War, he served with the War Production Board as head of the section controlling photographic manufacture and the motion-picture industry. He was later sent to the U.S. Embassy in London, co-ordinating production and distribution of photographic materials for the Allied Forces. And he served as a liaison to O.S.S. missions in North Africa, Europe, and South America. After the war, he formed a motion-picture company. And he was a consultant to the military and the Department of Commerce for many years.

Dr. Martin D. Sclar, Gr'35, Southfield, Mich., retired manager a chemical business; April 3.

Morton L. Sonnenfield, C'35, Drexel Hill, Pa., a retired English teacher at John Bartram High School; March 29. During the 1960s and 70s, he had his own Spanish puppet show on public television.

Alice Conhaim Stone, CW'35, Meadowbrook, Pa., February 13, 1997.

Lawson M. Whiting, W'35, Delray Beach, Fla., retired executive with R.R. Donnelley & Sons; March 21.

William L. Acker, W'36, Vero Beach, Fla., retired president of the commercial-loan division of the old General Acceptance Corp., March 6. He had also served as president and chair of the National Finance Conference.

Newton J. Duitch, WEv'36, Delray Beach, Fla., January 7, 1997.

Thomas B. Fulweiler, W'36, Bryn Mawr, Pa., a former manager of Lower Merion Township; April 9.

Lionel M. Goldberg, W'36, Glen Cove, N.Y., a retired senior vice president with Alexander & Alexander, the insurance brokers; March 23. He had served on the boards of many charities and non-profits, such as Friends Academy and the Glen Cove Community Hospital. And he served on the boards of Fleet Bank and the Long Island Lighting Co.

Isadore Mockrin, ChE'36, Delray Beach, Fla., February 9, 1997.

Eleanor Diamond Rubin, Ed'36, Philipsburg, Pa., April 15, 1996.

Lloyd J. Saxton, W'36, Windsor, Conn., October 22, 1996.

Frederick H. Sperr, W'36, Hoboken, N.J., March 11, 1995.

Helen Rouse Ufberg, Ed'36, Philadelphia, a retired teacher, April 16.

Marvin H. Grabosky, W'37, Hume, Va., a retired Philadelphia cigar manufacturer; February 11, 1997. He also served for nearly 20 years as the executive secretary of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Intergroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous; in this capacity, he was the first contact for alcoholics seeking help.

Gordon E. Hale, WEF'37, Cherry Hill, N.J., February 29, 1966.

Dr. John R. Montgomery, M'37, Delano, Calif., a retired physician; February 11, 1997.

Anne R. Parsons, NEd'37, Hatboro, Pa., October 1996.

Jenny Falk Poleman, G'37, Alexandria, Va., April 17.

James S. Bruskin, WEv'38, Hudson, Ohio, December 16, 1995.

Arnold Gorevitz, W'38, Delray Beach, Fla., April 9.


Dr. Raymond B. Church, V'40, Winsted, Conn., a retired veterinarian who had maintained a practice in the town for many years; March 15. He was a past president of the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Robert P. Johnston, GM'40, Aurora, Colo., a retired physician who had practiced in Denver for 50 years; March 22.

Michael Lepofsky, WEv'40, Willow Grove, Pa., November 29, 1995.

Hon. Edwin H. Satterthwaite, L'40, Newtown, Pa., retired president judge of Bucks County Orphans' Court; March 21. After he retired, he became an expert in restoring old clock mechanisms; he also studied locksmithing.

Anthony J. Cerone Sr., WEv'41, Philadelphia, June 24, 1996.

Lawrence L. Hill, C'41, Venice, Fla., retired executive in the trusts department of Ameritrust Bank in Ashtabula, Ohio; March 12. He was a former president of the Duluth Dock and Transport Co. in Michigan. He served on the boards of Ohio Water Service, Coulton Chemical Co. And he was on the board of the Ashtabula General Hospital.

Dr. A. Kyle Bush, M'42, Philippi, W.Va., retired chief of surgery at Broaddus Hospital; March 4.

Lawrence J. Gibbons, WEv'42, Ambler, Pa., head of the old Merz-Whiteway Tours, who as the long-serving president of the Junior Baseball Federation helped raise more than $5 million to finance youth baseball leagues in the Philadelphia area; April 6.

William F. Kiney, W'42, East Millstone, N.J., March 15. He had retired in 1986 from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Walter L. Kurcon Jr., C'42, Meriden, Conn., December 11, 1996.

Hartley T. Nutting, W'42, Dearborn, Mich., November 26, 1996. Earning a B.D. from Oberlin Theological seminary, he served churches in Michigan and Maine. Later he taught business courses at colleges in Michigan and Maine.

Dr. Theodore B. Podkul, C'42, Trenton, N.J., a retired physician who had maintained a practice for 50 years; December 30, 1996, He had also served as director of emergency medicine at the Helene Fuld Medical Center.

Dr. Joseph M. Straughan, M'42, Wise, Va., a retired diagnostic radiologist; April 18.

Herman Stall, W'44, Palm Beach, Fla., retired vice president of Empire Markets, a regional chain in New York state, which later became Grand Union Markets; April 27.

Dr. John Bloomenthal, GM'45, San Diego, a retired ophthalmologist who had practiced in Connecticut for many years; April 14.

Dr. Julius Diamond, CH'45, Miami, April 20. He was a medicinal chemist for the pharmaceutical industry for 40 years, working at Wyeth Labs in New Jersey and Key Pharmaceuticals in Miami.

Dr. Fleur C. Foohey, GM'45, Hartford, Conn., a retired opthalmological surgeon; March 15. He had practiced medicine for over 50 years, making house calls at no charge right until his retirement.

Jayne Brooks Klingerman, DH'45, Wilmington, Del., March 9, 1996.

Wilbert W. Miller, W'45, Wheeling, W.V., a former realtor; February 22, 1997. In 1978, he was the first Wheeling realtor to be named the Best Realtor of the Year by the West Virginia Association of Realtors.

Dorothy Craig Marsh, CW'46, Penn Wynne, Pa., September 29, 1995.

Pauline Miller Shereshefsky, PSW'46, Washington, D.C., a retired psychotherapist who maintained a clinical practice in Bethesda for many years until 1980; February 27, 1997. She was active in the Otto Rank Society.

Dr. Edwin J. Wells, M'46, Wilmington, N.C., a plastic surgeon who had served as the first chief resident of surgery at North Carolina Memorial Hospital; March 4. He retired in 1989.

Edward A. Blanton, W'47, Tallahassee, Fla., March 1997.

Cpt. Grace Murray Bozman, Ed'47, Sewell, N.J., March 1.

Dr. John B. Cancelmo, M'47, Radnor, Pa., a physician; February 1997.

James Ramsden, C'48, Pawtucket, R.I., February 12, 1997.

Shirley Good Seave, Ed'48, GEd'49, Philadelphia, a retired schoolteacher; January 11, 1997.

Theadore M. Tussing, C'48, Severna Park, Md., he had worked in management and sales in the packaging industry; March 5. He was a member of the board of Annie M. Warner Home and the Adams County Red Cross, and was chair of the Adams County Planning Commission.

Thomas J. Burke, L'49, Ardmore, Pa., an attorney; March 1997.

Edwin Hunter, WEv'49, Marlton, N.J., retired administrator of senior care at the Presbyterian Home in Philadelphia; March 28.

Lee M. LeVan, EE'49, Temple, Pa., January 18, 1996.

Dr. Joseph J. Loferski, G'49, Gr'53, Providence, R.I., emeritus professor and chair of engineering at Brown University; January 20, 1997. He also was associate dean of the graduate school there in the early 1980s. His research concentrated on photovoltaic cells and the properties of semiconductors. In 1967-68, he served as counselor at the European Space Technology Center in the Netherlands, and in the mid-70s he was an exchange fellow at the Polish Institute of Nuclear Research. He also served as a science and technology counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, 1985-87.

Dr. Joseph Mayner, D'49, Bloomfield, N.J., a retired dentist, May 4, 1994.

Garthowen Pitcairn, W'49, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., retired head of a car dealership in Langhorne; April 11. He had served on the board of Abington Memorial Hospital.

William D. Sumner, C'49, Phoenix, Md., March 7.


Dr. Philip E. Ingaglio, C'50, a South Philadelphia family physician who still made house calls to elderly and longtime patients; January 27, 1997. He had served on the staffs of St. Agnes Medical Center and Graduate Hospital.

Dr. John Kellett III, Gr'50, Hampstead, N.C., April 24. He had worked for Mobil Oil Co. for over 40 years.

Richard Schoch, C'50, Hendersonville, N.C., October 1, 1996.

Dana L. Stewart, GEE'50, San Antonio, former chief of the Ohio National Guard who took control of it in 1971 and reversed the policy that had allowed guardsmen to open fire on student demonstrators at Kent State University the previous year, killing four students; March 1. He also had a long career in the steel industry in Ohio and Texas. During the Second World War, he was the American liaison officer to a Soviet cavalry division.

Edward E.P. Austin, C'51, Mesa, Ariz., March 23.

David T. Blaetz, W'51, Asheville, N.C., retired chief operating officer at Robinson-Conner Insurance Co. of North Carolina; February 25, 1997.

Edward R. Emmel, C'51, Blakeslee, Pa., January 18, 1997.

William S. Armstrong Jr., ChE'52, GCh'63, Phoenixville, Pa., February 24, 1997.

William J. Smethurst, WEv'52, Runnemede, N.J., March 28.

Walter E. Steere Jr., C'52, Bradford, N.H., October 1996.

Robert L. Trumbower, WEv'52, Mountainside, N.J., retired export manager with the Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp.; March 21.

Robert J. White, W'52, Sun Lakes, Ariz., December 26, 1996.

Dr. Eleanor M. Bendler, GM'53, Salem, Ore., April 29, 1996.

Stanley D. Cohen, SW'53, Redondo Beach, Calif., a retired attorney; June 18, 1996.

C. Richard Marshall, WG'53, Dalton, Pa., January 27, 1997.

John F. Michels Jr., ME'53, Springfield, Va., a retired nuclear engineer for the U.S. Navy Department; December 30, 1996. Retiring in 1989, he joined the Casde Corp., a military-consulting firm, participating in projects involving submarines.

G. Winston Suddell, W'54, Northport, N.Y., a retired sales representative for Thornton Scientific Products Co. Inc.; January 30, 1997.

Harry J. Solimeo, W'55, Philadelphia, retired vice president and treasurer of the Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Co.; March 5. He also had served as vice president of the Shackamaxon Society, and involved in the preservation of Fort Mifflin.

Dr. William H. Cooner, GM'56, Mobile, Ala., a urologist; December 1994.

Dr. Paul Lang, C'56, D'58, Merrick, N.Y., a pediatric dentist, March 13.

Elmer W. Maurer, G'56, Wyndmoor, Pa., September 22, 1996.

Herbert P. Senoff, W'56, Eugene, Ore., owner of Blossom Organic Farm; February 21, 1997.


Dr. Theodore Benson, D'60, Atlanta, a dental anesthesiologist; April 11.

Col. Charles H. Curtis, WG'60, Smithfield, N.C., served almost 30 years in the U.S. Army, primarily as the commander of airborne-infantry units; March 21. He also served several tours with the Army at the Pentagon.

Benjamin Lucash, GEd'60, Marianna, Fla., February 6, 1997.

C. Howard Thomas Jr., L'61, Lumberville, Pa., an attorney who ran Old Mill Software, which provided computer software for lawyers; March 1. He had earlier practiced corporate and computer law with the Philadelphia law firm of Saul, Ewing, Remick & Saul for many years.

Betty Yurina Keat, G'62, Newport News, Va., January 1996.

Melvyn S Mantz, W'64, Melrose Park, Pa., attorney; March 1. He served on the board of Kensington Hospital.

Col. Edwin V. Sutherland, Gr'64, Amagansett, N.Y., a retired teacher of English literature at West Point from 1961 to 1977; January 6, 1997. He is also known as one of the first Americans to start fighting German forces in the Second World War (while an observer with the British army in North Africa), and among the last to stop (in the linking up with Soviet soldeirs in Czechoslovakia on the eve of the German surrender). At the Nuremburg war-crimes trials, he was briefly in command of the security forces, but had transferred out months before Hermann Goering's suicide. As a teacher (his specialty was the novel), he cut a flamboyant figure, endearing both students and colleagues with his big, red, handlebar moustache and his cheerful, persistent refusal to obey orders to shave it off.

Lt Col. William T. Latimer, Nu'68, Huber Heights, Ohio, January 27, 1997. He had served for 20 years in the U.S. Air Force.

Edythe A. Ballard, SW'69, Philadelphia, retired first director of city services for the mentally retarded who was responsible for establishing "community living arrangements" for the mentally retarded, who had been confined to state schools and hospitals; February 23, 1997. Retiring in 1981, she co-founded and became president of the Philadelphia Committee for the Homeless. Suffering from a form of Lou Gehrig's Disease, she continued her work helping the homeless till about a year before her death at 80.

Richard A. Flye, L'69, Washington, D.C., a partner and former chair of the Washington law firm of McKenna & Cuneo, who specialized in environmental law; March 29, while on a business trip in Los Angeles.

Dr. Peter L. Golway, V'69, Gaithersburg, Md., a veterinarian; October 12, 1995.


Kenneth L. Manoff, C'71, Ellicott City, Md., an attorney with the office of general counsel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, April 2, in Houston.

Robert L. Hamilton, SW'72, Philadelphia, March 14.

Lt. Col. Jay M. Meyers, GEd'72, Charlotte, N.C., January 15, 1997.

Margaret A. Browning, L'78, Philadelphia, a prominent labor attorney who had served on the National Labor Relations Board since the beginning of the Clinton administration; February 28, 1997. She was a founding partner of the Philadelphia law firm of Spear, Wilderman, Borish, Endy, Browning, and Spear, which represented labor unions. In a statement, President Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton said, "through her devotion to the law and determination in encouraging fair labor practices, Peggy contributed greatly to constructive and harmonious labor relations in this country."


Mary Kane Sauchelli, Nu'83, West Orange, N.J., April 24.

Shaun P. Hulbert, C'85, Bakersfield, Calif., an English teacher at Stockdale High School, April 3, by suicide. He founded and advised the school's philosophy club, helped coach the academic decathlon team, as well as the football, track, and field teams. He was known for his unique way of making literature come alive for his students: When studying Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, he took the students on a rafting trip; when reading Herman Melville's Moby Dick, they went whale-watching off the central Californian coast. He was described in a local newspaper obituary as the most popular teacher at the school.


Michael A. Puglisi, G'90, Exton, Pa., September 10, 1994.

Mohammed Nassir, GPU'92, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, February 3, 1997.

John Joseph Pinnola, WG'93, Harleysville, Pa., a manager of economic affairs in the Merck Vaccine division of Merck and Co.; March 10, from a brain tumor.

Elizabeth Kelsey, WG'97, Gladwyne, Pa., in her second year, she was chair of the WGA special-projects committee and a faculty-elected portfolio manager of the Wharton Fellows Fund; March 30.

Faculty & Staff

Robert L. Richards, ChE'22, Wilmington, Del., March 8.

Dr. Victor P. Satinsky. See Class of 1934.

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