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Dr. Marvin L. Gerber C’37 e-mails, “After receiving my M.D. from Stanford, I spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring in 1961 with rank of captain. I practiced surgery in Marin County, near San Francisco, until 1983 and then retired again. I am currently active in the Commission on Aging and the Emergency Medical Care Commission. I play organ for a Masonic lodge, and golf—though not very well. Looking forward to coming to Philadelphia for our 65th Class Reunion in May.”

John J. Newberry Jr. W’37 writes, “My wife, Bettie, and I celebrated 60 years of happy and rewarding marriage in October 2000 with a wonderful celebration party attended by some 75 friends and relatives at the famous Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vt. She passed away several weeks later; she was 82 years old.”

Robert Solenberger C’38 G’40 writes, “I am thankful to enjoy good health, often walking a mile or two. From mid-August to late October 2000, I enjoyed another trip to Europe, adding a few countries not previously visited. I flew via Amsterdam to Bergen, where I had time to visit a Viking museum before boarding a cruise, which included both spectacular fiords and interesting stops on the Norwegian coast, including Trondheim, with an impressive Gothic cathedral. Tromso has an outstanding museum (something I delight in visiting). Videos aboard ship gave ethnographic detail of local Lapps (there Santa Claus dresses as a Lapp, who still use reindeer). Eventually we crossed the Arctic Circle and rounded North Cape to reach Kirkenes, a trading post near the Russian boundary. Once back in Bergen, I took a train to Oslo, crossing the barren mountain area of central Norway. My fluency in German (learned at Penn) helps me understand Scandinavian languages. I enjoyed a conducted bus tour of Oslo, and attended a Lutheran church service with fine music. (There are quite a few Quakers in Norway, but I could not get to visit them. In North Dakota, in the spring of 1943, I was in a camp for religious objectors with young Quaker CO’s from Stavanger, Iowa, and many farmers there were from Norway.) Bergen has fine museums and a botanical garden. I visited Denmark, then took a train into Germany (the customs guards train did not ask for my passport); a sleeper overnight from Hamburg to Milan; Nice; via Marseilles to Irun and San Sebastian in Spain; a sleeper to Lisbon; bus tour, including Algarve, Oporto, and Coimbra; sleeper from Lisbon to Madrid; train via France to Italy; railway car on boat to Medina and Palermo in Sicily and bus tour of that island; flew from Rome to Athens (paths on the Acropolis very slippery, but good museum there); cruise ship to Crete and Thera; ashore at Kusadasi (biblical Ephesus); Istanbul, Mykinos. Finally, by air from Athens to Tucson.”


Laurens B. Mathews W’44 writes, “I had the pleasure last summer of getting together with many of my NROTC classmates in Carlisle, Pa. I have enjoyed life in Charlotte, N.C., and take several trips a year to various parts of this world—and don’t intend to stop it just because of some misguided terrorists, so long as I remain in good health.”

Margie Black Warres PSW’44 writes that she continues to actively serve on various boards and committees in Baltimore. She has received numerous honors and awards for her work, including being honored at two recent 75th anniversary galas of Maryland organizations, and remains listed in Who’s Who of America, including in the millennium edition. She continues to travel the world with her husband, Dr. H. Leonard Warres, and enjoy their growing family of six grandchildren.

Jane Ann Livingston Fleming CW’45 had a small gathering of her Penn family on campus last year, with George L. Fleming C’75, Kelly Reid C’99, Thomas J. Reid C’73, Ann Fleming Reid CW’72, Walter C. Evans C’70, Megan Evans C’99, and Andrew F. Evans C’02.

Leonard Feldman C’47 WG’49 writes that his daughter, Kathy L. Feldman C’81, was last year named by the Washington Law and Politics Journal in its annual list of Super Lawyers. With the firm of Ater Wynne LLP, her specialty is employment litigation and labor and employment law. She, her husband, and two children, Jesse and Allison, live in the Montlake section of Seattle.


Dr. George B. Kauffman C’51, professor of chemistry at the California State University at Fresno, has been elected a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “Each year the AAAS Council honors those of its members, both domestic and foreign, ‘whose efforts on behalf of the advancement of science and engineering are scientifically or socially distinguished.’” He has been an AAAS life member since 1962.

Dr. H. Newton Garber EE’52 will celebrate his 50th Reunion in May. “That in and of itself is quite an occasion,” e-mails his daughter, Susan Garber Gordon EAS’79 GEng’79, “but he has the good fortune to be celebrating the happy event along with the graduation of his granddaughter, Miriam Pogach C’02. In addition, her father, Dr. Leonard Pogach C’72, is celebrating his 30th reunion. Her mother is Gail Garber Pogach CW’73 GEd’73.”

Benham (Bud) Fuhrman MtE’53 is president of Fuhrman Management Associates, a registered investment advisor. In 1982 he established a charitable remainder trust for a client, Geraldine D. Wilson, who died recently at the age of 97; the assets in the trust (with a value in excess of $800,000) became part of the University’s permanent endowment. Penn has been granting an annual scholarship to winning recipients from Geraldine Wilson’s county in New Jersey since 1982, and will continue to do so in perpetuity; while she did not attend Penn and only had a relationship through Bud, she was able to meet the winners of her scholarship and have contact with them for the 18 years before her death.

Alex Greenfeld L’53, a Washington attorney, was invited to the Foreign Relations Council of Washington in December. He had served as corporate and news counsel for The New York Times Co. (1972-79), U.S. News & World Report (1985-88), and served as a professor of media law at University of California at Berkeley, 1979-84. And he was a co-founder of WHYY-TV, the Delaware Valley PBS station.

Jack Farber W’54 is chair of CSS Industries Inc. in Philadelphia, a company that produces seasonal social-expression and educational products. He is also head of the Farber Family Foundation, Inc., which last year gave $10 million to Thomas Jefferson University to establish a neurosciences-research institute, initially focusing its efforts on Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative disorders. He has served on Jefferson’s board of trustees since 1984 and as chair from 1995 to 2000, and is currently a trustee of the Jefferson Health System.

Russel I. Kully W’54 e-mails that his wife of nearly 40 years, Hannah, and he have successfully concluded their first, joint community effort as co-chairs of a major capital campaign for Pasadena’s largest homeless shelter. He remains of counsel with the Washington-based law firm of Arnold & Porter, and continues as the overseer chair of the art-collections committee of the Huntington Library. He reports that they traveled to Australia three times last year to be with their family near Sydney.

Prof. Virginia A. Lucas Nu’55 GNu’63 in November received the New Jersey Distinguished Service Award, and she received the Catholic War Veterans Holy Cross Post 417 “For Country” Award, “in recognition of dedication to American ideals and outstanding display of pride and patriotism to the flag and country.” She is the third vice-commander of Post 417. A flight nurse in the Vietnam war, she is a retired lieutenant-colonel with the U.S. Air Force.

James J. Heffernen W’56 e-mails that Dick Gerber W’56 was honored by Norristown (Pa.) High School, by his induction into its Hall of Fame. “He is currently a member of the Pennsylvania Securities Commission; interestingly enough, he was appointed to the commission by both Republican and Democratic governors in successive administrations.”

Dr. Maurice F. Lewis C’57 and his wife “announce the birth of our sixth grandchild, Ryan Joseph Fairlie, a future Penn graduate.”

Jon Wurtzburger C’57 will be a guest dealer at a Casino Night fundraiser, to be held on March 31 at the Pyramid Club in Philadelphia, for Angel Flight East, a non-profit organization of volunteer pilots that provides free air transportation on private aircraft for medically and financially needy children and adults throughout the Northeast (

Dr. Michael L. Steiner C’58 GM’84 writes, “I am president and CEO of North Palm Children’s Physicians, a multi-specialty group where I practice pediatrics and pediatric cardiology five days a week. I am also a pediatric-cardiology consultant for the Florida state Division of Children’s Medical Services. I have no retirement plans and am probably the only non-golfer physician in the state. I enjoy horseback riding with Diane, my wife of 40 years.”

Linda Gureasko Yang Ar’59 is the author of The City Gardener’s Handbook, which she writes is to be re-issued this month by Storey Books. Out-of-print for two years, it was originally published by Random House in 1990 and chosen by Publishers’ Weekly critics as “one of the year’s best books.” A columnist with The New York Times for 16 years and the author of four books, she is currently a garden consultant in New York, where she also coordinates the work of 30 other volunteers who tutor nearly 100 students.


Robert M. Rosenthal W’60, Los Angeles, e-mails that he has been elected to the board of the Western Music Association. “Now that I’m retired as an attorney I am far busier then I ever expected; I’m doing arbitrations and mediations, including ones for the NASD. I serve on a variety of boards and am also consulting for non-profits. Who said retirement is boring?”

Clarence C. Bullock GFA’61 writes that he “painted and presented a life-size portrait of President John F. Kennedy at the White House during his administration in July 1963. My painting of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the March on Washington, titled He Is Still Watching Us, was made into a color print that is all over the world. Both paintings are registered with the National Portrait Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. I also did a portrait painting of Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa that he saw and liked, and one of Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, which was presented to him in Washington. I have written three books and I was appointed to three boards.”

Dr. Jerome D. Levin CGS’61 was appointed senior fellow of the Wolfson Center for Public Affairs at the New School University, where he directs the alcoholism and substance-abuse counselor-training program. Jerry published his 12th book last fall, Therapeutic Strategies for Treating Alcoholism: From Slavery to Freedom.

Dr. Robert E. Lewis G’62 Gr’64 e-mails, “I am now professor of English at the University of Michigan, and editor-in-chief of the Middle English Dictionary, a dictionary of the English language between 1100 and 1500, which has been in progress at the University of Michigan for 71 years (1930 to 2001, of which I was editor-in-chief for the final 19). Completed in July with the publication of the final X-Y-Z fascicle, the dictionary runs to nearly 15,000 pages in 13 volumes, with over 54,000 separate entries and nearly 900,000 illustrative quotations, and is also available online to subscribers. The completion was celebrated in Ann Arbor last May at an international gathering of scholars, dictionary editors, financial supporters, and former staff members.”

Dr. Howard Silberman C’62 GME’72 <>, professor of surgery at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, recently completed Surgical Oncology: Multidisciplinary Approach to Difficult Problems; his brother, Dr. Allan W. Silberman, is co-editor. The book was published in November by Arnold Publishers in London and by Oxford University Press in this country.

Dr. Richard M. Chalfen C’64 ASC’67 Gr’74 <>, professor of anthropology at Temple University, was appointed the William Valentine Cole Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass., for the fall semester. He has also been adjunct professor of anthropology at Temple University Japan since 1993.

Dan S. Petty WG’64, who earned a second master’s degree, in public administration, from the University of Texas in 1966, decided at age 60 to return to school and was awarded a Master of Management in Electronic Commerce degree from the University of Dallas last year.

Dan Rottenberg C’64 writes that his eighth book, The Man Who Made Wall Street: Anthony J. Drexel and the Rise of Modern Finance, was published last autumn by University of Pennsylvania Press.

Beverly R. Budin CW’65, a partner in the family-wealth management group at the Philadelphia law firm of Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP, was appointed in January to the editorial advisory board of the Estate Tax Planning Advisor; this new publication is distributed monthly through Panel Publishers. She also serves on the board of the Estates Gifts & Trusts Journal.

Charles E. Dagit Jr. C’65 Ar’67 GAr’68, a partner of Dagit-Saylor Architects, recently dedicated the Community Commons Building on Cornell University’s North campus; he and his firm designed the $12-million dining/campus center, and are currently designing a recreation building there. The firm is working on a major transformation of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Dr. Frederick E. Goos C’66 writes, “In November at the 20th anniversary celebration of HospiceCare of South Jersey, I was recognized by the board as the founder and one of five founding incorporators of Cumberland County Hospice, its predecessor. The hospice, based in Vineland, was incorporated in 1981 by five community leaders and I served as the first president of the board. Its name was changed to HospiceCare of South Jersey in 1999. To date it has served over 6,000 families coping with terminal illness and bereavement. In 1995, I was appointed the first fulltime bereavement coordinator, providing grief counseling and facilitating grief-support groups. This spring semester I will teach a course on death and dying at Cumberland County College in Vineland.”

Dr. Gene Stelzig C’66 is Distinguished Teaching Professor of English at SUNY Geneseo. He wrote The Romantic Subject in Autobiography (University Press of Virginia, 2000), which “profiles Goethe and Rousseau as the grandfathers of a literary form that now manifests itself in wildly popular memoirs and confessional talk shows.” He had earlier written All Shades of Consciousness: Wordsworth’s Poetry and the Self in Time (1975) and Hermann Hesse’s Fictions of the Self: Autobiography and the Confessional Imagination (1988).

Evelynn Snyder Caterson CW’67 was last year re-elected for the third time to the City Council of the City of Absecon, N.J. She is currently also president of the Atlantic County Bar Association, and only the third woman in its 100-year history to hold that office.

William R. Floyd C’67 WG’69 was recently named chair of Beverly Enterprises in Fort Smith Ark., the country’s largest provider of healthcare services for the elderly. He joined the company in April 2000 as president, was appointed CEO in February last year, and took over as chair in January. Previously he had been CEO of Choice Hotels International, the second largest hotel franchiser in the world. Bill also serves on the executive committee of the trustees of Valley Forge Military Academy, the local board for the United Way, and the board of advisors for the Walton School of Business at the University of Arkansas.

Dr. Novera Herbert Spector Gr’67, vice president for scientific affairs at the American Institute for Neuroimmunomodulation Research Ltd., was elected to honorary membership in the International Society for Immunorehabilitation at its November world congress, where he gave the keynote address on “Conditioning Immune Responses: Can Cancer and Aging be Reversed?” He had recently retired from the National Institute for Neurological Disorders. In addition to research, teaching, and time with his children and grandchildren, he is “still a world-class athlete: All-American fencer in 1941, and later winner of many sabre and ‘three-weapon’ championships in the U.S. and France.” He is now the oldest member of the U.S. international veterans’ fencing team, still winning gold medals here and abroad.

Radclyffe F. Thompson C’67 in January joined The Pennsylvania Trust Company, based in Radnor, Pa., as vice president for business development. He had previously been with the trust divisions of The Bryn Mawr Trust Company. “Mike” and his wife Maria, live in Rosemont.

Earl L. Wright WG’67 is president and chief executive officer of AMG Guaranty Trust, a Denver-based national financial-services advisory firm he co-founded 30 years ago.

James S. Cahn C’68, a partner in the Cleveland law firm of Hermann, Cahn & Schneider, is a founding member of the Center for Principled Family Advocacy, which encourages the use of alternative-dispute-resolution processes instead of litigation in divorce and other family-law matters. Jim is the executive vice president of the center and was recently elected president of its Ohio division.

Dr. Leon Taub W’68 <> was recently appointed senior vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He and his wife, Arleen, live in Fort Lee, N.J. His daughter, Natalie Taub C’99, is pursuing an MBA at San Francisco State University, and his son, Daniel, is a first-year law student at NYU.

William Howard W’69 <> was named president of Vilas Advertising, Inc. in Oakland, Calif. Founded in 1970, “it is the oldest full-service advertising agency in the East Bay.” Prior to joining Vilas in 1980, he was a writer for The Boston Globe, the St. Petersburg Times, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Eleanor Wilansky Myers CW’69 L’75, associate professor at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law, received a 2001 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. A member of the faculty there since 1993, she teaches professional responsibility, business associations, contracts and the integrated-transactional program which she helped create. She had earlier served as an associate university counsel at Temple. She has served as a public governor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange since 1996.

Bennett Nussbaum W’69 last year joined Burger King Corporation in Miami as its chief financial officer. He had been senior vice president and chief financial officer for Kinko’s.

Dr. Larissa Onyshkevych G’69 Gr’72 was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Lviv National Ivan Franko University in Ukraine for her contribution to the study of Ukrainian literature, and particularly modern Ukrainian drama. She taught at Lviv University as a Fulbright Senior Scholar and participated in several projects there in 1997. The author of numerous studies on Ukrainian and comparative drama and editor of two anthologies, she is now president of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in the U.S.

William H. Walker III C’69 writes from Orono, Maine, “We are quite excited about the purchase of a vacation house in South Brooksville. This 100-year-old house is situated in a small coastal village which overlooks Buck’s Harbor. As is often the case with old houses, our ‘new, old’ house has a lot of ‘character’ but needs some TLC. We plan to start painting and pasting this spring and hope to move to the coast from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We have summered in Buck’s Harbor for the last four years and have come to love the area.”


William H. Hernandez W’70 is senior vice president for finance with PPG Industries, a manufacturer of glass and fiberglass products in Pittsburgh. He recently joined the board of Pentair, a St. Paul-based manufacturer of tools and water technologies.

Robert Hubbell W’70 in November was named president and chief executive officer of PR21, a New York-based communications consultancy. Previously he was a partner and managing director of communications for Andersen Worldwide.

Dr. Nicholas Canny Gr’71 e-mails, “Thought of you all on September 11, from the security of the west coast of Ireland. That came as a damper on what had been a wonderful year, spent as a fellow-in-residence at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study. The year there enabled me to complete (and see published) the huge book on which I have been always working: Making Ireland British, 1580-1650, which has been beautifully produced by Oxford University Press with a stunning dust jacket. This accomplishment does not induce senility: in the Netherlands I began work on a new book, ‘Shaping an Atlantic World, 1450-1700,’ and I will give the Commonwealth Lecture for 2002 at the University of London on April 4.”

Dr. Jayne Fernsler Nu’71 was named an emeritus professor of nursing at the University of Delaware; she joined its faculty in 1974. The first vice president of the Mid-Atlantic division of the American Cancer Society, she is also a charter member of the Oncology Nursing Society. She serves on the board of the Delaware Pain Initiative and on the advisory council for cancer control of the Delaware state Division of Public Health. Dr. Fernsler serves also on the editorial boards of Seminars in Oncology Nursing and The Journal of Nursing Education.

Mark Laskow C’71 is chief executive officer of Greycourt & Co., Inc., an investment advisory firm in Pittsburgh. In December he was elected president of the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission, which awards the Carnegie Medal for outstanding civilian heroism in this country and Canada, and various grants, scholarships, and continuing assistance to awardees and their survivors. A member of the commission since 1993, Mark had chaired its executive committee since 1998. He is also a trustee of Shadyside Hospital, a member of the executive committee of the University Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System, a director of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, and a trustee of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation. And he is capital-campaign co-chair for the Pittsburgh Creative and Performing Arts High School. Mark and his wife, Lisa Childs Laskow CW’71, have two sons.

Hon. Gary E. Jackson W’72 <> in January was sworn in for a second term as a judge of the City Court of Atlanta.

Dr. Maria Rosa Menocal CW’73 G’75 Gr’79, the R. Selden Rose Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and director of special programs in the humanities at Yale University, in January began a three-year term as director of the Whitney Humanities Center there. A historian of medieval culture and literature, she has written The Arabic Role in Medieval Literary History: A Forgotten Heritage; Writing in Dante’s Cult of Truth from Borges to Boccacio; and Shards of Love: Exile and the Origins of the Lyric. She coedited The Literature of Al-Andalus (part of The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature), published last August, and her new book, A First-Rate Place: Medieval Spain and the Cultures of Tolerance, will be published this year. Dr. Menocal joined the Yale faculty in 1986, after teaching for six years at Penn.

Arnold Rochvarg C’73 has been named vice dean at the University of Baltimore School of Law where he has been a professor since 1979. He has just published a book on Maryland administrative law, and enjoys his service on the local Penn secondary-school committee.

Hon. Elizabeth Jackson CW’74 <> was appointed a Pennsylvania Common Pleas Court judge on June 21, and on Nov. 6 was elected to a 10-year term on the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia county; she is currently assigned to the family-court division.

Don Fisher C’75 <> e-mails, “Axiom Studio, my most recent startup, celebrated its second anniversary with a series of national and international awards for graphic design. In spite of a tough market, we managed to grow revenues by more than 30%. Based in Philadelphia, it is a world-class graphic design studio. Last year we successfully delivered projects for Comcast Spectacor (check out the kiosks the next time you go to an event at the First Union Center), Richardson, Ewing Cole, Safeguard Scientific, Internet Capital Group, Agweb and many more. We have recently launched a series of intern/mentoring programs with high schools and colleges in the Philadelphia area. Moore College of Art, High Tech High, and Springside School are all participants. I welcome contacts from any school interested in expanding the role of graphic/digital design in their class rooms. We also recently sponsored WXPN’s Live at the World CafÈ, vol. 10; David Dye and company have done a fantastic job in getting the Penn message out across the country, and we are pleased to play a small role in their success. Buy a copy so you can read the message from me, and be sure to check us out on the Web at (”

Dr. Nicole Lurie CW’75 M’79 is the first recipient of the Paul O’Neill Alcoa Professorship in Policy Analysis at the Rand organization; she took up the five-year appointment in January at Rand’s Washington office. Till last autumn she was professor of medicine and public health and special adviser to the dean of the medical school at the University of Minnesota, where she had been on the faculty since 1986. She had also served as medical adviser to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Dr. James L. McClelland Gr’75 is co-director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition and professor of psychology and computer science at Carnegie Mellon University; last fall he took a sabbatical semester to work at University College in London. He received the 2002 Grawemeyer Award for Psychology from the University of Louisville, sharing the $200,000 prize with a fellow experimental psychologist at Stanford University with whom he has collaborated for 20 years on the cognitive theory, parallel distributed processing.

Michael Murphy GAr’75 <> and Frank Dittenhafer GAr’82 <> recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of their firm, Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects; the full-service architectural firm now has 30 employees with offices in Baltimore and York, Pa.

Hon. Bruce F. Bratton L’76 was sworn in as a judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, Pa., on Jan. 2 for a term of 10 years, commencing on January 7. He had already been serving on the court since Oct. 1, appointed to fill a vacancy. He was a partner in the Harrisburg law firm of Martsolf & Bratton, having practiced for almost 25 years.

Dr. Douglas P. Murphy C’76 e-mails, “I just published my first book, The Griffon Trilogy: Part I, of the medical, mystery-suspense genre.”

Edward M. D’Alba GCE’77, president and chief executive officer of Urban Engineers, Inc., in November was recognized Engineer of the Year for 2002 by the Delaware Valley Engineer’s Week Council. He has served as president of both the Philadelphia chapter of the American Society of Highway Engineers and the Philadelphia chapter of the Pennsylvania Consulting Engineers Council. And he is chair of the PenJerDel Council, a business coalition concerned with the infrastructure of the region.

Jay M. Levin C’77 L’81, a member of Cozen O’Connor and chair of its insurance-coverage department, served as co-chair of the Mealey’s Insurance 101 Conference in November discussing the “Anatomy of the Policy and the Market: Understanding the Players.” He concentrates his practice on complex litigation in state and federal, trial, and appellate courts. Jay is vice-chair of the property insurance-law committee of the ABA’s tort and insurance practice section.

Rabbi Eric M. Lankin W’78 <> was recently appointed director of religious and educational activities of the United Jewish Communities, with offices in New York. As a senior rabbinical professional of the North American Federation system, his responsibilities include facilitating the relationships between the federations and synagogue movements, congregational arms, rabbinical associations, and rabbinical schools. He also directs the UJC Rabbinic Cabinet.

Rev. Larry R. Benfield WG’79 e-mails, “in January last year, I became rector of Christ Church in Little Rock, Ark.; it is the first Episcopal Church’s congregation in the state, and was founded in 1839. The church is currently establishing an official relationship with the Clinton Presidential Library, to be built in the same redeveloping downtown area as the church.”

Sally Cooper Bleznak CGS’79, Bryn Mawr, Pa., is a public relations consultant for regional non-profit groups. A member of the executive committee of the Endowments Corporation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, she was honored in December for her pro-bono work as founder and chair of Women of Vision, a philanthropic fund which supports the needs of less-advantaged women and girls in Philadelphia.

Hon. Judi Nelson C’79 <> has retired after 15 years as a Workers’ Compensation judge for the State of Florida. She will continue to work part-time as a private mediator and part-time as a volunteer president of The Victory School for children with autism. Judge Nelson and her husband, Barry, founded the non-profit school in 1982 to provide year-round, one-to-one therapy for autistic children like their son, Jesse.


Bill Doyle W’80 <> e-mails, “Things have come full circle for Beth Veily Doyle C’80 and I, with our oldest daughter, Courtney, being admitted to the Class of 2006. We live in Plymouth, Mass., next to our cranberry bogs with our four children, Courtney (17), Billy (13), Connor (eight), and Kelsey (four). Beth has developed and brought to market a ‘responsibly grown’ cranberry, while I am still involved in shipping fresh fish all over the world. Our best regards to all.”

Dr. Amy Werman C’80 <> e-mails she was recently awarded her doctorate from Adelphi University School of Social Work. Her dissertation, “The Bowenian Concept of Triangulation and its Relationship to Separation Anxiety Disorder,” reflects her interest in family dynamics and their impact on the mental health of individuals. She maintains a private psychotherapy practice on Long Island.

Michael F. Barrett C’81, an attorney, was board-certified as a trial advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy in November.

David B. Cohen C/EAS’81 G’81 L’86 WG’86, selected to serve on the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, was sworn in on Nov. 28 at a White House Conference Center ceremony, presided over by Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, Secretary of Transportation Norm Mineta, and Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao.

Kathy L. Feldman C’81 was last year named by the Washington Law and Politics Journal in its annual list of Super Lawyers. With the firm of Ater Wynne LLP, her specialty is employment litigation and labor and employment law. She also counsels employers on sexual-harassment and hiring-practices issues, and The Family Leave Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act, and conducts training sessions for both management and employees. Kathy, her husband, and two children, Jesse and Allison, live in the Montlake section of Seattle.

Joan Harrison C’81 married New York Times Denver bureau chief Michael Janofsky in Beverly Hills on Sept. 29. Penn was represented by Bo Zenga C’83, Laurie Burrows Grad CW’66 and Peter Grad W’62, Gina Consolo Philips C’92, Myles Berkowitz C’81 W’82, Donna Lynn Leavy C’77, Sue Karlin C’85, Jackie Green C’81, Sally Katz C’82, Paul Steven Miller C’83, Karen Tina Harrison ASC’80, Richard Baker W’72, Maxine Annapolen Drexler Nu’82, and Jane Gutman CW’73, who introduced Joan and Michael. They soon took to the road, rejoicing at post-nuptial celebrations in New York, Washington, and Baltimore with Alan Vinegrad W’80, Barbara Finkelstein C’81, Sandra Lotz Fisher CW’64 GEd’67, Ellene Felder C’83, Margot Owett Olshansky C’82 and Ken Olshansky C’81, Beth Golden C’82, Amy Eisman CW’74, Roland Lafontant C’81, Robert Gluck W’80, and Dr. Michael Simmons D’81. The peripatetic couple will live in Los Angeles.

Frank Dittenhafer GAr’82 <> and Michael Murphy GAr’75 <> recently celebrated the 15th anniversary of their firm, Murphy & Dittenhafer Architects; the full-service architectural firm now has 30 employees with offices in Baltimore and York, Pa.

Zenos Frudakis FA’82 GFA’83 ( was present in November for the installation of One Moment in Time, his life-size bronze sculpture of golf legend Payne Stewart at Pinehurst Resort, N.C. The piece captures the pose the golfer struck when he made the final 15-ft. putt to win his first U.S. Open in 1999. Zenos studied books and videos and hundreds of photographs before he started work on the 18-month project. And in his studio he had several of Stewart’s golf clubs, golfing hat, shoes, and of course a pair of knickers, so that the statue would be accurate.

Ken Glass EE/W’82 reports that he has been elected to serve on the Mercer Island (Wash.) School Board. He continues to enjoy Seattle with his wife, Sandy, and three children, Leila (13), Alex (11), and Kara (seven).

Henry Hoberman C’82 L’85 was promoted to senior vice president and counsel of ABC, Inc., in December. Previously he was vice president of litigation and employment practices for all business units of ABC since he joined the company in 1998. Also since 1998, he has served as national co-chair of the First Amendment and media-litigation committee of the American Bar Association. Henry is married to Jodi Brenner, associate general counsel of the NBC Cable Networks. They have three sons, Joshua, Bobby, and Matthew.

Marjorie Greenspan Kaufman C’82 <> e-mails, “Our beautiful second son, Matthew Foster Kaufman, was born on March 26, 2001. Trying to be Super Mom—juggling two babies (big brother Grant is two) and a demanding job—is a frustrating and exhausting challenge, but ultimately more rewarding than any other I have ever tackled. I am a senior vice president at J. & W. Seligman in New York, in charge of institutional business development. Thankfully, husband, David, is Super Dad, in addition to being a top-notch urologist. We see our many Penn friends as often as we can, in between diaper changes and hedge-fund conferences.”

Stephen D. Lerner C’82 G’82 L’85, a partner in the Cincinnati office of the international law firm of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P., in May was elected a fellow of the American College of Bankruptcy.

Jeffrey B. Sansweet W’82 is a shareholder and officer of the law firm of Kalogredis, Sansweet, Dearden & Burke Ltd., in Wayne, Pa., which serves healthcare practitioners. He gave the courses, “Anatomy of Your First Employment Agreement” and “Anatomy of a ‘Partnership’ Deal,” at the November annual meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Michael J. Acker GPU’83 in January joined W. A. Hawkins Associates, an independent-lobbying firm based in Harrisburg Pa., as a senior associate overseeing executive-branch activities and business development. Previously he was executive deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, and had served on the Bush-Cheney Presidential Transition Advisory Team for the U.S. Department of Labor. He lives in Harrisburg with his wife, Tina, and their two children.

Albert Diaz W’83 <> e-mails, “I have accepted an appointment to serve on the North Carolina Superior Court trial bench, becoming the first Hispanic lawyer to serve as a Superior Court judge in the state.”

Michael L. Goldman W’83 L’86 <> e-mails, “I am founding and managing partner of Goldman, Gruder & Woods, LLC, a 10-lawyer general-practice firm in Norwalk, Conn., where I practice corporate and real estate law. My wife, Ellen Winchell Goldman L’86, and I recently celebrated our 16th anniversary. We have three children, Joshua (12), Benjamin (10), and Jacqueline (eight).” Michael serves on the board of the Kaplan Foundation, a private charitable foundation, and he is vice president and budget chair of Congregation Rodeph Sholom in Bridgeport. Ellen is a part-time travel consultant with Up and Away Travel in Fairfield, and serves on the board of the Jewish Center for Community Services in Bridgeport.

Michael Greenspun C’83 <> e-mails, “On Nov. 3, my wife, Aubree, gave birth to our first child, Noah Robert Greenspun. He lives with us and Jack, the wonder dog, in Voorhees, N.J. Aubree and I work for Susquehanna International Group in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.; she is a trader there and I am a risk manager. If his mom allows it, Noah hopes to make the Penn-Princeton game at the Palestra on March 5—his first live sporting event. We hope to see everyone there.”

Craig James W’83 was appointed last year Midwestern regional sales manager of Avantrust, LLC, a New York-based joint venture of AIG and Dun & Bradstreet. Previously he was a national sales manager for CT Corporation, a provider of licensing software to the insurance industry.

Lisa Learner-Wagner GFA’83 writes that one of her oil paintings, Winter Rails, was bought by the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia. She continues to teach painting at Cabrini College, where she is an assistant professor in the fine-arts department. She and her husband, Richard Wagner, are adopting a baby boy from Guatemala: David will arrive this month or April.

Hon. Susan Fowler Maven C’83 was sworn in as a judge of the New Jersey Superior Court in January, and is assigned to the family division, which sits in Atlantic City. She is the first African American woman from Atlantic County to sit on the Superior Court bench. Previously she served as a commissioner on the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. She is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.

Russell Shumway C’83 <> e-mails, “I have recently published a book on information security; Incident Response: A Strategic Guide to Handling System and Network Security Breaches is published by New Riders Publishing.”

Bradford Hudson C’84 <> is president of Hudson Consulting in Cambridge, Mass., which assists clients with growth strategy (competitive strategy, marketing & brands, new-product development, organizational improvement, global markets and mergers & acquisitions).

Dr. Howard B. Kessler GM’84 is chair of radiology at Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia and Warminster (Pa.) Hospital. Last year he began working with National Imaging Associates, Inc., of Hackensack, N.J., as a consultant in both clinical and business development matters. Recently he has been corporate medical director for radiology, medical director for core-health delivery, and chair of the quality-assurance committee for radiology for Aetna/US Healthcare. Dr. Kessler serves on the editorial board of Decisions in Imaging Economics.

Tsiwen Law L’84 is a trial attorney and associate of the law firm of Hwang & Associates, P.C., in Philadelphia, and an adjunct instructor of Asian American studies at both Penn and Temple University. In November he was awarded the 2001 Trail Blazer Award for the Northeast region from the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, for his “outstanding leadership, including being a founding member of NAPABA, chair of the Philadelphia Commission on Asian American Affairs, governor of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, and over 30 years of unwavering commitment to the Asian Pacific American community.”

Jeffrey L. Pollock C’84 maintains a solo general law practice in Pittsburgh; he concentrates in family and juvenile law and criminal defense. He was recently re-appointed chair of the Allegheny County Bar’s lawyer-referral service committee. A mediator, he also serves on the Bar’s judiciary committee. Jeff was also named to the inaugural UJF board of delegates as a CPAC member. “Most importantly,” he writes, he and his wife, Eileen, recently had their first child, a daughter, Brady Hope Pollock.

Paul Arling W’85 WG’92, chief executive officer of Universal Electronics Inc., of Cypress, Calif., was also appointed chair of its board in August. The company develops software and wireless controls and chips for home-entertainment equipment and the subscription-broadcast market.

Ivonne Prieto C’85 <> late last year resigned her position as of counsel at Skjerven Morrill MacPherson, a Silicon Valley intellectual-property law firm, in order to study Tibetan Buddhism at Pullahari Monastery in Nepal until this spring. She expects to travel in Nepal, India, Europe, and the United States for the rest of the year.

Dr. Lori Wecker Balaban C’86 and Dr. David Balaban C’86 live in Charlottesville, Va. He is a gastroenterologist and she is a pediatrician, working part-time. “Our oldest son, Michael, started kindergarten last year, and his brother, Joseph, is two. Contact us at <> or <>.”

Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya C’86 is a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon in private practice at Professional Plastic Surgery, LLC, in Freehold, N.J., and New York. He also teaches plastic surgery at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and at SUNY, Brooklyn.

Jordan Foster C’86 WG’91 e-mails, “I was working in WTC2 at OppenheimerFunds on September 11, but made it out just before the second plane hit our tower. It was a profoundly sad, tragic day. My thoughts are with the family and friends of the Pennsylvanians who perished, and with the families of the WTC employees, firemen, and police who so ably guided us to safety as debris rained.”

Daniel S. Greenberg EAS’86 married Jennifer Rosenberg WG’92 in Salem, Mass., this past October. Attending the wedding were numerous alumni, including parents Jerome Greenberg W’55 and Myra B. Greenberg CW’60, brother and sister-in-law Paul Greenberg EE’83 WG’87 and Ellen Coons Greenberg WG’88, uncle Dr. Allen W. Root GM’62, former assistant professor of pediatrics, aunt Sandra B. Portnoy CW’67, and friends Estelle Greenbaum Bienstock Ed’51 GEd’52, Selma Worker Rosenberg Ed’58, Yechiel Lehavy CGS’66 G’70, Jackie Schwab Lutz EE’84 WG’92, Neil Radisch EAS’86, Wendy Schwartz C’86 L’90, John Varholy C’86, Ash Ahluwalia WG’87, Kate Georgen WG’87, Pam Schwartz Abramowitz C’89, Dr. Cheryl Myers Hayward C’89, Paul Amoruso WG’92, Sally Chang Amoruso G’92 WG’92, and Dr. Ron Leopold WG’92. Daniel and Jennifer live in Boston, where they both work as management consultants.

Kimberly T. Nelson GPU’86 was last year appointed assistant administrator for environmental information in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Previously she was chief information officer with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Deborah H. Telman C’86 in January was elected a partner of the law firm of Winston & Strawn. A member of the corporate department in the Chicago office, she concentrates her practice on mergers and acquisitions, private-equity transactions, and corporate finance. The past-chair of the Chicago Committee on Minorities in Large Law Firms, she serves on the board of Chicago Volunteer Legal Services.

Bruce W. Warner EAS’86 and Dr. Linda N. Fagan Nu’86 are proud to announce the birth of Gillian Nadine on Nov. 23; she joins big sister Ashley (four) in Basking Ridge, N.J.

Chris Albani EE/W’87 e-mails, “In the middle of last year I was promoted to partner of PRTM, a high-tech consulting firm. In September I relocated to Tokyo, to help develop the firm’s business in Asia.”

Stephen Chan W’87 last year joined American Century Investments, a Kansas City-based investment management company, portfolio manager of the international-equity investment team. Previously he was vice president of research for Merrill Lynch (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Brian W. Esler C’87 <> e-mails, “My wife, Yvonne, was recently transferred to her company’s UK offices, which means we’ve moved from Seattle to Richmond upon Thames, a London borough. She’s now in charge of bringing home the bacon, and I’m in charge of frying it up in the pan, while also pursuing an LLM degree in intellectual-property law from the London School of Economics.”

Victor G. Finnegan WEv’87 <> is founder and chief executive officer of American Expediting Company, a rush/same-day courier firm based in Philadelphia. From a single taxicab service in the early 80s, he built a national package-delivery company that boasts 14 sites in major cities up and down the East Coast. As the marketing industry has always appealed to him, two years ago he opened his own full-service advertising agency, Ariel Advertising Group. Victor was recently named to the board of the Arthritis Foundation of Eastern Pennsylvania. He lives in Swarthmore with his wife, Mari, and three daughters.

Keith E. Gottfried W’87 <> e-mails, “I recently served as a member of the U.S. private sector delegation to the APEC summit in Shanghai last October, which was attended by various world leaders, including President Bush and the leaders of China, Australia, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, and the Philippines. I currently serve as the senior vice president for law and corporate affairs for Borland Software Corp., one of the leading providers of software-development tools in the world.”

Francis Mao C’87 and Kelly Chock-Mao W’90 e-mail, “We are happy to announce the birth of our first son, Evan Francis Lo’ihi Mao, on Nov. 18; he was 8lbs., 15oz, 21 inches—and already holding a drawing pen in his hand when born. Francis has been promoted to senior vice president for IDG Games Media Group, publisher of GamePro magazine, the world’s largest multiplatform video-gaming magazine. He has also launched the GamePro Presents line of action figures and vehicles, on sale nationwide this summer.”

Jan van Amerongen Jr. C’87 and his wife, Kathryn, and big brother Jan III, are overjoyed to announce the birth of Christian Alexander on Nov. 30.

Abby Wean C’87 e-mails she and Larry Venick are “happy to announce the birth of our second son, Joshua Isaac, on May 17; big brother Sam is now two. 2001 was also a big year, as it marked my five-year remission from Hodgkin’s Disease. Yippee!”

Brett N. Dorny EAS/W’88 <> and his wife, Joyce, had their sixth child, Nicholas, on Sept. 26. Katharine (13), Nathan (11), TJ (eight), Megan (five), and Christian (two), gladly welcomed their little brother. Brett is a patent attorney with Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky & Popeo, P.C. in Boston.

Victor J. Gallo W’88 has joined the New York law firm of Carter, Ledyard & Milburn as an associate in its environmental-practice group. He previously served as an assistant counsel and bureau chief for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Jonathan Gelman C/W’88 <> and his wife, Wendy, are thrilled to announce the birth of their third child, Eitan, on Dec. 12, in Miami. The new baby joins sister Elana (seven) and brother Alec (three). Jon is a shareholder with the law firm of Greenberg Traurig, where he practices real estate law in the Fort Lauderdale office.

Marianne Goldstein Feifer C’88 GEd’92 <> and Dr. Richard Feifer M’92 joyfully welcomed the newest member of their crew, Samuel Jacob, in July. He was greeted by his big sister, Deborah and his dog Play-Doh. Grandma Barbara Aspel Goldstein C’55 and Grandpa Jeremy Goldstein W’52 were thrilled by the arrival of their eleventh grandchild.

Diane Funk Vampatella C’88 and her husband, John Vampatella, happily report that they have “once again been blessed with a beautiful, healthy child: Julia Diane Patricia Vampatella was born on Sept. 9, and has been a delight to her parents and three older siblings, Steven (six), Justin (four), and Abby (two).” They live in Mansfield, Conn., where Diane enjoys the daily challenge of being a full-time wife and mother, and John serves as director for Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Connecticut.

John VanHecke C’88 e-mails, “My wife, Amy DeWys-VanHecke, and I would like to report the birth of our second son, Aidan Rory Byrnes VanHecke, on Dec. 26 at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit. Our older son, Garrett Charles Gannon VanHecke (eight), has joyously accepted the role of big brother.”

Dr. Brian K. Brodwater EAS’89 and Carrie Alesawski Brodwater W’90 proudly announce the birth of their son, Brandon Reece Brodwater, who was born on his mother’s birthday, Aug. 24. He and his two-year-old sister Kasey Madison are doing well. Brian continues to work as a vascular-interventional radiologist for Delaney Radiologists, PA, a group of sub-specialized radiologists in Wilmington, N.C. “We can be reached at <>.”

Robert A. Fisher C’89 <> and his wife (Not The) Amy R. Fisher are pleased to announce the birth of their second child, Dillon Bruce Fisher, on April 6, 2001. Proud family alumni include aunt Erica Friedland C’94 GAr’98, cousins Amy Schulder Arn C’94 and Marcy Schulder Barkan C’97 and Andrew Barkan C’97, and great-uncle Howard A. Schulder W’67. Rob and Amy live in New York, and he works at Lincoln Equities Group, a commercial real estate developer in New Jersey.

David Gerard C’89 <> e-mails that “When last we left our hero—divorced, losing his New York apartment, having to move back out to Long Island into his sister’s apartment, not having a car, getting fired from his job as an attorney after six years with the same firm and being generally disenchanted with the law (who wouldn’t?)—I decided to give it one more chance in insurance defense with a new firm. After two more years in law I was still bored. Now, after engineering my dismissal only three weeks before the office was destroyed on September 11, I am happy to say that I am following a long-held dream and have gone back to school to earn my Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson in Teaneck, N.J. And I also have my first car, a 1991 Corolla with 84K miles. Things are looking up.”

Laurel Knox Harper W’89 e-mails, “I received an MBA in December from Eastern University. I live in Hershey, Pa., with my husband, Charles Terrence Harper W’88, and daughters, Lana (born April 1996) and Sydney (born May 1998).”

Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson C’89 e-mails, “We celebrated our son Emerson’s first birthday on Oct. 6. Party guests included Chase Evers, son of Lesley Morgan Evers C’89, and Lilah Beldner, daughter of Katie Clark C’90. My husband Christopher, a ‘green’ builder and developer, and I moved to Berkeley, Calif., from Manhattan three years ago, so that I could take my ‘dream’ job as the Phyllis Wattis Matrix Curator at the UC Berkeley Art Museum. I direct the contemporary-art program and curate between six and eight exhibitions of international, emerging artists each year.”

Dr. Darryl Lynn Landis M’89 <> recently received his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, where he graduated as a Fuqua Scholar. He currently works as vice president of business development and medical director for Ingenix, the health-intelligence division of UnitedHealth Group in Minneapolis. Darryl and his wife, Suhaila, and his three sons live in Winston-Salem, N.C., where they enjoy gardening, soccer, and Tae Kwon Do.

Michael L. Riesenbach C’89 <> e-mails, “I joined the Dechert law firm in their Philadelphia headquarters as manager of financial reporting and analysis in July, after three years as director of finance for Resource America, Inc. My wife, Susan, and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary in November—and two days later, on the 29th, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. We now have a full house in Wynnewood, Pa., with newborns Drew and Emily joining big brother Jake (four) and big sister Julia (two).”

Fran Sachs W’89 is delighted to announce her marriage to Jon Gilbert on Feb. 29, 2000, in New Jersey. She was escorted down the aisle by her parents, Frumet and David Sachs W’54, and her sister, Diane Sachs Hunt W’83, was her maid-of-honor. The bridal party included Jody Cooper C’88 and Kelly Lee C’89. Fran’s brother, Dan Sachs W’86, and Marc Stark W’89 were ushers. Also attending, all the way from California, were Eirene Chen W’88, Niti Agrawal W’88, and Monique Connor W’86. Greatly missed was Fran’s aunt, Elinore Markus Lome Ed’54. “As of the New Year, after over five fun years in Hoboken, N.J., we started a new chapter of our life when we moved down to Jupiter, Fla. Jon was offered a great job, and we decided it was a good time for a change of scenery and climate. I will be taking off a few months to determine what my next steps will be. Hoping any fellow alumni in the Jupiter area will drop me a line <>.”

Joy E. Sturm C’89 <> and her husband, Ken Drexler, are thrilled to announce the birth of their first child, Miriam Jordana, on July 2. When Joy is not playing with and taking care of Mia, she is working as an associate at the law firm Hogan & Hartson. Joy, Ken, and Mia live in Washington.


Zoee Astrachan C’90 GLA’93 and Andrew Dunbar GAr’94 are principals of the San Francisco-based firm Interstice; founded in 2000, it focuses on urban architecture and landscape, and material research. Built works include site-specific installations, and residential and commercial projects in San Francisco, Montreal, and New England. And their work has recently been featured in the SFAIA’s Small Firms, Great Projects, and in Zyzzyva, a publication that highlights emerging San Francisco architects. Both Zoee and Andrew are faculty members at the California College of Arts and Crafts, teaching art and architecture, and may be contacted at <>.

Dr. Nancy Davis Brener C’90 and Jason Brener C’90 are delighted to announce the birth of their son, Adam Eli, on Sept. 17. He joins big sister Samantha who just turned three; the family lives in Marietta, Ga. Nancy is a research psychologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Jason is a supervisory staff attorney at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

David Brous C’90 <> e-mails, “ My wife, Catherine Rothman-Brous, and I are proud to announce the birth of our twin girls: Rachel Lauren and Julia Rose were born on Oct. 27 in New York.”

Kelly Chock-Mao W’90 and Francis Mao C’87 e-mail, “We are happy to announce the birth of our first son, Evan Francis Lo’ihi Mao, on Nov. 18; he was 8lbs., 15oz, 21 inches—and already holding a drawing pen in his hand when born. Francis has been promoted to senior vice president for IDG Games Media Group, publisher of GamePro magazine, the world’s largest multiplatform video-gaming magazine. He has also launched the GamePro Presents line of action figures and vehicles, on sale nationwide this summer.”

Amy Egger C’90 married James Kaplan WG’96 at the Newark Club in Newark, N.J., on Oct. 28. A number of alumni joined in their celebration, including Amy’s brother and groomsman Brian Egger W’87, bridesmaid Dr. Carrie Kazinoff Brookner EAS’91 and Ted Katramados W’90, Stephanie Kontrim-Baumann C’90, Chris Sullivan Bolinger C’90, Carole Chinn WG’93, Dai Vu GEng’97 WG’00, and Tom Weber GEng’00. Amy and James live in Manhattan where she is an associate in the real estate department of Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker and he is a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

Jared Freedberg C’90 <> e-mails, “I wanted to announce that my wife, Rachel, and I had boy and girl twins, Matthew and Alexandra on Nov. 29, and both are doing well. Just to make my life a little more complicated, I recently joined Covance, a pharmaceutical-research firm in Princeton, N.J., as corporate counsel.”

Laurie Price Hasson C’90 <> e-mails, “After leaving Penn, I got my master’s in organizational psychology from Columbia, and have been working in human resources ever since. I lived on the Upper West Side for eight years before moving to Los Angeles. My husband, Paul, a native Los Angelean, and I were married on Nov. 1, 1998. On Nov. 20, 2001, I gave birth to our first child, Jeremy Evan. I’m currently on maternity leave from my position as staffing manager with Deloitte Consulting’s West Coast practice. I’d love to hear from other alumni.”

Frederick Kostecki W’90 e-mails, “My wife, Kristin, and I would like to announce the birth of our second child, Katherine Elizabeth Kostecki, on Oct. 24—Katie, unless we are mad at her, then it’s Katherine Elizabeth! Mommy, Daddy, and big sister Abigail are doing fine. I’m a senior manager at Arthur Andersen LLP in St. Louis. I keep in touch with Andy Peskin W’90, Mishell Kneeland W’90, Ryan Marshall W’90, and Bryan Burdick W’90. Please e-mail me at <>.”

Helene Schwartz Landesberg C/W’90 WG’95 <> e-mails, “My husband, Len, and I are pleased to announce the birth of our second daughter, Melanie Beth, on April 21, 2001. She and her big sister Erica are enjoying life in our new home in Roslyn, N.Y. I have decided to leave McKinsey and Company to stay at home full-time with them.”

Bob Littlefield WG’90 was last year appointed chief strategy officer of NextLeft Inc., a Los Angeles-based digital strategy, branding, and technology services firm. Previously he was managing director of strategy for the Western division of Scient, an e-business consulting company.

Fabio E. Marino EAS’90 <> is a partner at Skjerven Morrill MacPherson LLP, a high-technology law firm in Silicon Valley. He specializes in patent litigation and prosecution concerning software and computer-related technologies.

Steven Powell EAS’90 <> e-mails, “Nora and I are happy to announce the birth of our daughter, Grace Kathyrn; she arrived Nov. 7 and weighed in at 8lbs. 2oz. Her brothers Morgan (four) and Evan (two) welcome the new arrival and competition for attention. I hope all is well with my East Coast friends and classmates.”

Donald Sabino C’90 in October was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame of the Pennington School, in Pennington, N.J. At Penn he played lightweight football.

Gil Vogel EE/W’90 and Joanne Vogel are proud to announce the birth of their son, Jordan Benjamin, on Dec. 8. Gil is a partner with Accenture and lives near St. Louis.

Jeff Wolf EAS’90 was appointed vice president of worldwide sales for Ubicom, Inc., a Mountain View, Calif., provider of Internet processors and networking software. Previously he was vice president of consumer product marketing for LSI Logic Corp.

Jennifer Zosa C’90 GEd’91 <> e-mails, “I am a proud five-time Ironman Triathlon finisher, most recently competing in Ironman Florida in November and Ironman Lake Placid in July. I am also very excited about my acceptance into medical school: in the fall, I will embark upon my journey towards becoming a physician at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. In the meantime, I plan to test my skills as an adventure racer—and hopefully remain in one piece to write about it.”

Robert J. Hotes GAr’91 GFA’93 has joined the Philadelphia firm of DPK&A Architects, LLP as senior associate. An engineer as well as an architect, he serves as chair of the AIA Philadelphia historic-preservation committee. He received the 2000 AIA Philadelphia Young Architect Award.

Paul V. Jensen Jr. W’91 e-mails, “In July I was admitted to the partnership of KPMG LLP in New York; my expertise is centered around providing assurance services to large multinational financial institutions. And, my wife, Margaret, and I are proud to announce the birth of our second son, Thomas Malone Jensen, on Dec. 19.”

Charles C. Pak C’91 and his wife, Rene Kae Pak, welcomed their first child, Skyler Sueko, on Sept. 15. Charles was recently promoted to partner in the Los Angeles office of Kirkland & Ellis, where his transactional practice focuses on mergers & acquisitions.

Marc Zachary C’91 married Vivian Mayhew on Aug. 25 in Beverly Hills. Alumni attending included Alison Ganis Besterman C’90 and Brian Besterman C’89, Galina Espinoza C’91, Stuart Gibbs C’91, Sloane Karron C’92, Nona Balaban Kroll C’89, Melissa Rogal C/W’93, Amir Shaked W’91, Allison Kluger Shaw C’87 and Mark Shaw L’94, and David Stern C/EAS’89. Marc completed his MBA at Stanford in June and currently heads the U.S. office for the Italian film and television companies, Medusa and Mediatrade.

Kurt Ekert W’92 <> e-mails, “I recently joined Galileo International, a $1.6-billion company (and a subsidiary of Cendant) that specializes in electronic global-distribution services for the travel industry, as vice president of finance and strategic planning. I left Continental Airlines after five and one-half years, most recently as managing director of finance and administration. My wife, Samantha, and I will soon celebrate our nine-year wedding anniversary, and [in early January] our daughter, Julia, a fiery redhead, celebrated her 15-month birthday.”

Dr. Richard Feifer M’92 and Marianne Goldstein Feifer C’88 GEd’92 <> joyfully welcomed the newest member of their crew, Samuel Jacob, in July. He was greeted by his big sister, Deborah and his dog Play-Doh. Grandma Barbara Aspel Goldstein C’55 and Grandpa Jeremy Goldstein W’52 were thrilled by the arrival of their eleventh grandchild.

Eric Lemer W’92 married Sabrina Golfman in Montreal on Sept. 15. While a few of the guests were unable to attend due to the events of September 11, a large contingent of alumni were able to join in the celebration, including Michael Allen Seeve C’92, Andy M. Snyder W’92, Seth E. Shulman C/W’93, Michael Maslansky C’92, Neil Ian Vogel W’92, Jason Horowitz C’93, Adam Groothuis C’92, Lisa Leventhal Friedlander C’91, Brian Leventhal C’93, David N. Cohn C’96, David Singer C’96 L’99, Adam Bernstein W’85, and Hon. Melvyn Estrin W’64. Sabrina and Eric currently live in San Francisco, where he works as an investment banker at Credit Suisse First Boston. Eric would also like to congratulate both Seeve on his October wedding to Veronica, and Mas on his December wedding to Susie.

Dr. Hooman Noorchashm C’92 Gr’01 M’02 <> and his wife, Amy Josephine Reed Gr’02, are proud to announce the birth of their first son, Joseph Petros Noorchashm, on Sept. 18, at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael F. Mavrides L’92, a member of the lending and business-finance practice in the New York office of the law firm of Bryan Cave LLP, was elected partner in January. He joined the firm in 1999.

Jeanette Ourada WG’92 was appointed in December vice president of finance for Universal Studios Television Distribution in Universal City, Calif. Previously she was director of internal audit for ARCO’s international operations.

Heather Davis Palamountain C’92 married Mark Palamountain on Sept. 15 in San Diego. “In light of the events of September 11, the ceremony was particularly emotional. Over 200 guests traveled to the wedding, and with the airports closed until early Saturday morning, all but a few had to drive. The majority of guests drove 10 hours from San Francisco to San Diego to attend the festivities. One groomsman drove from Montana to San Diego, and another close friend rode a Greyhound Bus from Atlanta to San Diego.” Alumni who helped celebrate included Rebecca Foote C’92, Rebecca Kozloff Collins C’92, Doug Schwartz C’92, Whitney Strotz C’92, and Casey Courneen W’92. Heather and Mark enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon on the island of Vatulele, Fiji, and now live in Orinda; she can be reached at <>.

Daniel A. Schwartz C’92 e-mails, “My wife, Carol Shubinski, and I are proud to announce the birth of our first daughter, Annabel Robin Schwartz, on Oct. 6, in Hartford, Conn. She weighed in at 7lbs. 6oz., and has been doing well since then. I am still working at Day, Berry & Howard, practicing employment law, though with Annabel I’m practicing a little bit less. All three of us are planning the trek to Philly for the 10-year Reunion, so we will see everyone in the spring. I look forward to hearing from old friends beforehand at <> or <>.”

David M. Tamres C’92 and Jennifer Tamres are proud to announce the birth of their daughter. Hailey Morgan, on Nov. 6. Happiest of all was big brother Brandon, now two years old. David would love to hear from any old friends at <>.

Dr. Peter G. Thielke G’92 was named an assistant professor of philosophy at Pomona College. His research focuses on Kant and German Idealism. He and his wife, Sheri Pym, live in Claremont, Calif.

Glenn Yeck C’92 <> e-mails he would like to get back in touch with his Quaker classmates, teammates, and fellow midshipmen. While in South Beach, he was “recalled from a life of teaching and bartending” back to the U.S. Naval Reserves; he is serving full-time at the U.S. Southern Command, where he was just selected for lieutenant commander. In January he displayed some of his paintings during Miami Beach’s Art Deco Weekend.

Bill Arent C’93 <> is proud to announce his engagement to Vanessa Renee Selph of Las Vegas. He works for the City of Las Vegas in the field of economic development; he finished his master’s in public administration at UNLV, spring last year. She is a graduate of UNLV, and works as a nuclear-medicine technologist for Summerlin Hospital. Bill e-mails “that ‘life is good’ in fabulous Las Vegas.”

David Black C’93 married Dr. Arlene Rogachefsky on Oct. 27 at Temple Beth in Rochester, N.Y., with many alumni attending. The wedding party included best man Joshua Schwartz C’97 (who sent in this note) and groomsman Sergio Cortes C/W’95. Other Penn friends included Dr. Gigi Huang C’93, Matthew Kantor C’93, and Elizabeth Taraila C’92. David and Arlene live in New York, where he is a litigator with Schoeman, Updike & Kaufman, and she is a dermatologic surgeon with the Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey. David looks forward to hearing from his many Penn friends at <>.

Danny Boockvar C’93 L’96 and Laurie Mayer Boockvar C’92 are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Emma Rose Boockvar, born on Dec. 9 in New York.

Derek Braslow C’93 <> married Cara Levy on July 1 in Penn Valley, Pa. Dr. Barry Mark C’93 and John Musero W’93 L’96 were best men, and Beth Mantz C’94 and Marci Love C’94 were also in the wedding party. Attending were Jorie Green Mark C’96, John Dunfee C’93 and Tara Andringa Dunfee C’93, Joe Menashe C’92, Eric Dichter C’93 and Dr. Leigh-Ann Maltz Dichter C’93, Dr. Fred Dold C’93, Oren Friedman C’92, Jordan Rohan W’93, Navin Valrani W’93, Eric Sulman C’93 and Dara Less Sulman C’94, Audra Bernstein C’93, Jen Marlowe C’93, and Kim Colton Kur C’92. Derek and Cara met while attending Temple Law School and currently live in the Art Museum district of Philadelphia.

Jed Fishback C/W’93 e-mails, “My wife, Breena, and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter, Jillian Hannah, on Oct. 17 in New York. After seven years in Manhattan, we’ve just moved into a home in the New Jersey suburbs. I am still enjoying consulting: I am a senior associate at Booz Allen & Hamilton, focusing on technology and financial services.”

LeRoy A. Landers GAr’93 has rejoined Mahlum Architects as a senior project designer and associate based in the firm’s Portland, Ore., office. With the firm earlier in Seattle, he returned after a 10-year absence, during which he received his master’s at Penn and then worked with Philadelphia architectural firms.

Chris Lehmann C’93 <> was recently named a Champion of Technology and Education by MOUSE, a New York nonprofit that works to integrate technology into city public schools, for his work creating the Community Portal at the Beacon School, a high school in Manhattan ( He is in his sixth year there as technology coordinator, English teacher, girls’ basketball coach, and ultimate-frisbee coach. Chris is enjoying his second year of marriage to Kat Stein, and he would love to hear from old classmates.

Kathleen Paralusz C’93 <> recently joined the San Francisco office of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, LLP, where she specializes in government contracts, public-sector technology, and export/import law. She encourages fellow Quakers in the Bay Area to drop her a line.

Michael Rakower C’93 married Sali Qaragholi Rakower on Sept. 6 at Tavern on the Green in Manhattan. Alumni attending included Scott Miller C’93 (a groomsman), David Doft W’93, Melissa Mandell Paul C’94, Liz Brinton C’94, William Efron C’96, and Michael’s father, Dr. Steve Rakower M’69 GM’76.

Dr. Laura Croley Sagolla G’93 Gr’96 has joined the litigation-practice group of Dykema Gossett PPLC. Her practice focuses on general litigation in the firm’s Ann Arbor, Mich., office.

Brad Schlozman C’93 in November was appointed special assistant to the Deputy Attorney General of the United States. Previously he had been an associate in the Supreme Court and appellate litigation practice at Howrey, Simon, Arnold & White in Washington.

Gretchen Albright Wendtland EAS’93 GEng’99 and Randy Wendtland welcomed their healthy baby boy, Cody James Wendtland, on June 4. Gretchen returned to work for Buckeye Pipe Line Company in Emmaus, Pa., and was promoted to marketing manager in October.

Andrew Dunbar GAr’94 and Zoee Astrachan C’90 GLA’93 are principals of the San Francisco-based firm Interstice; founded in 2000, it focuses on urban architecture and landscape, and material research. Built works include site-specific installations, and residential and commercial projects in San Francisco, Montreal, and New England. And their work has recently been featured in the SFAIA’s Small Firms, Great Projects, and in Zyzzyva, a publication that highlights emerging San Francisco architects. Both Zoee and Andrew are faculty members at the California College of Arts and Crafts, teaching art and architecture, and may be contacted at <>.

Stephanie Desmon Fey C’94 <> married Gerry Fey on Aug. 18 in her hometown of Buffalo. Many alumni attended, including her parents David Desmon WG’69 and Janet Rashkin Desmon WG’70, Sharon Molinoff Sevrens W’94 WG’99, Stephanie Ghertner C’95, Karen Krigsman C’94, Jill Tilzer Jokelson C’94 WG’00, Kim Freeman C’94, and many more. Stephanie is a reporter for The Baltimore Sun, and Gerry is design editor of Baseball Weekly magazine, based in Northern Virginia.

Krista Kaur W’94 married Rick Meyers on May 27 in California’s Napa Valley. Many alumni shared in the celebration: Kathy An Bush W’94, Lissa Guttman C’94, Lauren Franklin W’94, Heidi Sernyak C’94 G’95, and Grace Chung Yang W’94 were bridesmaids, and guests included Adam Brownstein C’93, Allison Sarubin Fragakis C’93 and Chris Fragakis C’93, Mandee Heller C/W’94, Dave Pashman C’94, Consuelo Santiago C’94 L’97, Karyn Wachtell C’94, and Michael Yang W’93. In September Krista and Rick moved from San Francisco to Chicago where she is opening a women’s apparel boutique and he is working as a financial adviser for Sanford C. Bernstein.

Raj J. Mehta C’94 is vice president of interactive and creative services for IJM Interactive. In October he was appointed to the board of trustees of Peirce College in Philadelphia.

Dr. Heather Peikes C’94 V’98 e-mails, “I arrived in New York about two weeks prior to the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. I moved to the city to open a specialty veterinary hospital, providing university-quality medicine in a private practice, and am currently the only board-certified veterinary dermatologist practicing in Manhattan. My associates are Dr. Jennifer Chaitman V’97, and Dr. Susan Kimmel and Dr. Patricia Kull, who completed residencies at VHUP. We were fortunate enough to have the chance to volunteer at Pier 40, where residents of the area surrounding the WTC were sent to re-unite with their pets. When people were evacuated, they were not allowed back into their homes to rescue their pets, even if the pets had serious medical conditions. We worked with the ASPCA and other volunteers to examine and treat the animals that were eventually rescued: we examined many cats, dogs, birds, turtles, and even chinchillas. Though some were left without food and water for days, luckily most of the stories had happy endings. We also had the opportunity to volunteer near Ground Zero with the Search and Rescue dogs. We examined and treated these dogs who so tirelessly searched the rubble for survivors. It certainly gave me a new respect for both the dogs and their handlers. With everything that was happening around us, it was difficult to focus on opening our practice. Although slightly delayed, we opened our doors for business on Oct. 1. We are currently Manhattan’s only veterinary clinic exclusively staffed by a team of board-certified specialists. (”

Dr. Jonathan L. Prenner C’94 <> e-mails, “Jarred Kirsch WG’00, Matthew Berman C’94, Doug Dietrich WG’00, and I proudly announce that we survived another visit to New York from San Francisco-based Keith McCardell C’94. It keeps getting tougher to keep up with him as we get older, and we plan to start training earlier next year. I am finishing my chief-resident year in ophthalmology at Penn; in June I will be leaving Philly for a fellowship in retinal surgery at Beaumont Hospital and live in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.”

Michael Roub W’94 <> and Lisa Aaronson Roub C’95 welcomed Mia Brooke on Nov. 30 in San Francisco. Big Brother Jacob, who turns three this month (March), is thrilled with his little sister, as are Mom and Dad.

Nichole Shumanis Rowles W’94 married Ken Rowles C’93 on May 12. The wedding took place on campus: the ceremony was in front of College Hall, and the reception was in Houston Hall. Alumni attending included Tim Shannon W’94, Michelle Boisvert C’93, bridesmaid Maritess Manaluz C’94, Susan Devaney C’94, Heather Leisman W’93, Cynthia Harvey C’94, Ricki Gever Eisenstein C’95 GEd’99 and Andrew Eisenstein C’94, Carolyn Parmigiani C’96, Leigh Molinari Nunno C’95 and Michael Nunno C’95, Terry Saunders Hepps C’96 and David Hepps C’96, Becky Anderko Cornejo C’95 and Luis Cornejo C’96, Kibett Mengech C’95, Jane Chodosh Stolper C’79 and Michael Stolper C’77, Nick Ondrejka C’93, Colin McGranahan C/W’93 WG’00, Chris Craley C/W’93, Dr. Morris Davis C’93 G’95 Gr’98, and Nichole’s father, John Shumanis EE’63. Ken and Nichole live in Center City Philadelphia.

Jason Weinzimer C’94 <> e-mails, “In November of 2000 I married Melissa Connerton in New York (recently had our first anniversary). Best man was Bill Weber C’93, and [my sister] Sharon Weinzimer C’98 was a bridesmaid. Other alumni included my father, Mel Weinzimer GEE’69, and guests Warren Gottlieb W’93 and Valerie Schneider C’98. Melissa and I live in Hell’s Kitchen in New York. I work for Weber Shandwick as a marketing consultant for the financial-services industry, and she is a publicist at the 92nd St. Y.”

Wendy Rottenberg Feiner C’95 married Matthew Feiner W’95 L’98 on Aug. 4 at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. Alumni in the wedding party included Jessica Braun Rich C’95, Greg Fidlon L’98, Heather Smidt Pomerantz W’95, Jessica Wallack C’95, and Matt’s father, Jeffrey Feiner W’67. Other alumni at the wedding included Jeff Cohen C’95, Brian Kestenbaum C’95, Dr. Harris Cohen C’95, Ira Lapp C’95, Leigh Fuchs C’95, Carrie Girgenti C’95, Niki Assa W’95, Eveie Wilpon C’97, David Brioso L’98, Allan Kassenoff L’98, Ross Klenoff C/W’94, Jamie Feiner C’99, Seth Lasser C’98, and Stuart Feiner W’70. Wendy is a product development manager for Lerner New York, a division of the Limited Inc., and Matt is an associate at Davis & Gilbert LLP, where he specializes in labor and employment law; they live in New York.

Lynn Bernstein Hesby C/W’95 <> married Jim Hesby in Chicago on Oct. 20. Alumni attending the wedding included Marna Fainman Goldwin C’95, Lauren Sarnat C’95, Melinda Graham C’95, Adena Friedman C’95, Lauren Stein C’95, Neil Chernoff EAS/W’95, Markella Coulalaglou Daugherty C’95 and Dr. Reza Daugherty C’95.

Karen Keating Kline C’95 <> and Rick Kline C/W’93 celebrated the birth of their first child, Casey Maxwell Kline, on July 21. Casey’s two grandfathers are Mel Keating WG’68 WG’70 and Allan M. Kline WG’69, and her uncle is Danny Keating W’03.

Leslie Finkelstein Rosen C’95 <> e-mails that she and her husband, Alan Rosen are “delighted to announce the birth of our twins Lily and Aidan, on May 17. We live in New York, where I am an attorney and my husband is an owner of Junior’s Restaurant.”

Brian Bolten W’96 <> e-mails, “In the summer of 2000, I drove over 12,000 miles all over North America to watch a baseball game in all 30 stadiums in just 37 days. I also visited the Hall of Fame and Field of Dreams as well; Rashid Garbadawala W’96 completed the West Coast swing with me. To save on costs and make the tour more personal, I printed up T-shirts with the title of the trip on the front (“They have built it, so I will come”), as well as the itinerary on the back. I used these shirts as thank-you gifts for friends and teams that helped me on the trip with lodging or tickets to the games. I sent one of these shirts to the Hall of Fame to let them know of the trip, as well as my passion and slight insanity for the game. Recently the Hall of Fame announced a traveling exhibit of their museum, called Baseball As America; this includes artifacts about the history of baseball and how it is interwoven into American life, and one of the pieces they will be using is my T-shirt! The tour kicks off at the Museum of Natural History in New York on March 16, and will visit 20 museums over the next four years ( Besides going to many baseball games, I will complete my MBA at Duke University in May and am currently looking to advance my career in sports management, hopefully serving for a collegiate athletic department.”

Tamara Davies C’96, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, received a critic’s award at its fall fashion show in November.

Dr. Jana Fox C’96 <> graduated from SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine last year. “I am currently in a residency program at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, living in Decatur.”

Dr. Cara Rubenstein Gardenswartz C’96 received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at UCLA and is working in a private practice in Santa Monica, Calif. Her husband, Daniel Gardenswartz W’95, is a partner at The Sage Group, an investment bank in Los Angeles which focuses on middle-market mergers and acquisitions and private equity. They would love to hear from alumni at <> and <>.

Lauren Lazare C’96 <> is pleased to announce her engagement to Illya Shell on Aug. 4; the wedding is set for June. She is currently an attorney at the New York City Law Department.

Jorie Green Mark C’96 married Dr. Barry J. Mark C’93 at Adath Israel Synagogue in Merion, Pa., on Sept. 2. Ava Dadabhoy C/EAS’96, (Jorie’s roommate at Penn) was the maid of honor and Barry’s brother, Adam Mark C’97, served as best man. Other alumni in the bridal party included Barry’s father, Dr. Louis Mark C’66, bridesmaids Sarah Gardner C’95 and Allison O’Brien C’97 (who is engaged to Adam Mark), and groomsmen Derek Braslow C’93 and John Musero W’93 L’96. Alumni among the wedding guests included Barry’s uncles Gene Hilzenrath W’65 and Louis Arovas W’59, and his cousins Robert Hilzenrath W’88 and Michele Pearson Hilzenrath C’88, Edward Hilzenrath W’91 and Sydney Cutler Hilzenrath C’94, and Dr. Bennett Taff C’67 D’71. Other alumni attending were Robert Fanburg W’56, Erik Sulman C’93 and Dara Less Sulman C’94, John Dunfee C’93 and Tara Andringa Dunfee C’93, Navin Valrani W’93, Dr. Oren Friedman C’92, Thea Diamond Howey G’83, Luke De Cock C’96, Alfred Dolich C’95, and Dr. Brian Lally EAS’93. With so many alumni in the family, Barry’s parents arranged for the a cappella group Penn Pipers to make a surprise appearance at the rehearsal dinner to serenade Jorie and Barry and lead the guests in singing “The Red and Blue.” After a honeymoon in the Bahamas, Jorie and Barry returned to their home in Baltimore, where he is a second-year resident in internal medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center, having graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in 2000. Jorie, who received a master’s degree in creative writing in 1999 from American University, works in Annapolis as the managing editor of, an online magazine about pet healthcare. A former editor of The Daily Pennsylvanian, she chronicled the details of her engagement in a bi-monthly column for

Josh Raha EAS’96 and Paula Rutledge Nu’96 are “excited to announce that we’re engaged to be married. The wedding will be a two-part affair this coming summer, with a Christian ceremony in Philadelphia and a Hindu ceremony in Ottawa. We, however, live in Orlando, Fla. Josh is currently working with a pre-funded startup called Carina Networks and Paula is a traveling nurse, currently working in critical care at the Florida Hospital. For those of you with whom we’ve lost touch, we can be reached at <> or <>.”

Katrina Riddick Reynolds C’96 married Craig Reynolds C’95 on Dec. 15 at Cap Juluca in Anguilla, British West Indies. Celebrating the wedding, and enjoying a fabulous tropical vacation, were Penn friends Ananya Dash C’96, Danielle Gray C’96 L’00 (who sent in this note), Andrew Jankowich L’00, Katherine Perry Penberthy C’96, Patricia McInerney W’96, Cindy Horesh Schnitzer C’96 and Edward Schnitzer C’94, John Koo EAS/W’96, Brian Chacker C’96 and Jung Lee W’96.

Heather Koehler EAS/W’97 married Brian Inyart on Aug. 11 in Cincinnati. Emma Vas W’96 was the maid-of-honor, Leonor Medalla EAS’98, Lora Byala C/EAS’96, and Sonya Choo C’97 (who sent in this note) were bridesmaids, and Kimberly Leighton C’97, Gary Byala EAS/W’97, Stephanie Reitano EAS’96, and Maurice Samuels EAS’97 joined in the celebration. “Following their honeymoon in Hawaii, Heather and Brian relocated to the New Jersey-New York area. She left Procter & Gamble for Novartis Consumer Health, where she now works as an associate brand manager, and he continues his career with Wirthlin Worldwide as a marketing-research account executive. They enjoy being back on the East Coast and would love to hear from old friends at <>.”

Peter H. Levine C’97 <> married Lindsay Blaivas on Jan. 12 at the Metropolitan Club in New York, and then honeymooned in Hawaii. Alumni attending were Adam Kupperman W’97, Hayley Brener C’97, Seth Flieger C’97 WG’03, Samantha Grebow C’97, Benjamin Harris C’97, Andra Fogel C’96, Brian Werfel C’97, Sandi Shurgin C’97, Eric Reiter W’97, Zachary Lutsky C’97, John Polevoy C’97, Jillian Grossman C’97, Nancy Stone Levine C’94, Sharon Molinoff Sevrens W’94 WG’99, Brian Finkel EAS’97, Marcella De Biase W’97, Scott Vogel WG’03, and University trustee Elliot Jaffe W’49.

Brian Sheth W’97 and Adria Ferguson C’97 were engaged in October. They live in San Francisco.

Paul Shinn C’97 <> married Angelee Mullins on Sept. 22 in Lancaster, Pa. Worried their flight would be cancelled only three days after the terrorist attacks, the couple packed up their car and drove from their home in San Diego to Lancaster. They improvised their honeymoon on the return trip with stops in Graceland and Las Vegas. Alumni attending were Christopher J. Kim C’95 WEv’00, Jeanine Graham C’97, Herman Lau EAS’97, Shelise Williams Brooks C’98, and Rosa Cheuk C’99 GEng’00.

Laurie Abrams C’98 married Lawrence Beller on Aug. 4 in Blue Bell, Pa. The maids of honor were Amanda Siegel W’98 and Samantha Cohen W’98, and the bridal party also included Jennifer Sanders C’98. Other alumni attending included Kika Backer C’98, Joanna Newman W’98, Marla Snyder C’98, Jeff Barkoff C’99, Cindy Garon C’98, Anthony Dunphy C’98, Shannon Dietzmann C’98, Lauren Feingold C’98, Maria Zuckerman C’98, Amy Farkas C’98, Sam Gettler C’98, Adam Kestenbaum C’98, Brian Weiss C’98, and Michael Henry C’96.

Jed Appelrouth C/W’98 <> e-mails, “after an incredible year teaching fifth grade for the AmeriCorps program in Taos, N.M., followed by two years as an analyst at McKinsey and Co., I decided to go after my dream of becoming a professional fine artist. I currently work in Atlanta, painting large-scale landscapes, murals and portraits, teaching art on the side, and enjoying every day.”

Susannah Barber W’98 married Ethan Myerson on Sept. 2 at the Tucson Museum of Art. After a two-week honeymoon in Italy, they returned to their home in Tucson. Alumni who joined in the wedding celebration included Ethan’s father, Dr. Randolph Myerson D’73 GD’78, Marlena Brawer Fass C’98, and Deborah Goodman W’98. Susannah and Ethan continue to enjoy life in the Southwest, where she works in the seniors-housing industry and he develops Web-based training materials. She can be reached at <>.

Sara Cho Kim C’98 G’98 GEd’00 married Dr. Brian Kim in Cherry Hill, N.J., on June 23. Penn people who participated and assisted in the wedding included Susie Lee C’97, Joann Kwah C’98, Mi Hong Hannah Kim Cho SW’01, Jason Ro C/W’00, Sarah Lim C’99, Jenie Jang EAS’01, and Isaac Kwon GCP’99. Sara and Brian currently live in Manhattan, but will move to Eau Claire, Wisc., in June, where he will work at Marshfield Clinic and she will be going to school; they can be reached at <>.

Jamie Phares C’98 wed Keith Negrin in her home town of St. Louis on Labor Day weekend. Alumni attending the wedding included Lauren Schenker C’99, Leslie Adelson C’99, Paulette Dweck C’99, Lauren Feingold C’98, Ben Poe W’98, and Sara Nelson C’98 and Deb Miller C’98 (who sent in this note) were in the bridal party. “The weekend included a scavenger hunt, a great luau rehearsal dinner, trips to the famous Arch and other great activities. It was the best wedding ever.”

Mandy Slegowski C’98 wed Jeffrey Robertson EAS’98 on Oct. 27 in Reading, Pa. Alumni attending included bestman Bryan Romano W’98, maid of honor Karen Havers W’98, and guests Brian Goldfarb C’98, Nili Israeli C’98, Meredith Mehlman Nu’98, Michael O’Connor C’98, Ernest Poon EAS’98 GEng’99, David Richmond EAS’98 GEng’99 and Sasha Zelensky Richmond W’98, Katrina Szakal C’98, and Courtney Woolridge C’97. Mandy and Jeff live in the Washington suburbs, where she is an accountant for Marriott International and he is a computer analyst for AMS.

David Smith WG’98 last year joined Aeroxchange in Irving, Tex., as vice president of business development. Previously he was director of finance with Legend Airlines.

Fred Jauss C’99 G’99 and Lindsay Lion C’98 GEd’99 became engaged on Nov. 17. Attending the surprise engagement party were Mark Lion C’01, Dr. Erik Nordgren G’93 Gr’01, Ron Isaacson EAS’01 and Stacey Feldman Isaacson C’00. Lindsay is the manager of operations of Biosyn, Inc. in Huntingdon Valley, Pa., and Fred is a third-year law student at American University in Washington.

Joseph Scott McArdle WEv’99 is a board member of Angel Flight East, a non-profit organization of volunteer pilots that provides free air transportation on private aircraft for medically and financially needy children and adults throughout the Northeast ( He e-mails, “I worked for almost two weeks following the September 11 tragedy at our office in Ft. Washington; I coordinated the public relations and outreach efforts. We had 50 missions from Sept 12 throughout the otherwise no-fly period, and flew rescue personnel, families, blood, and even rescue dogs. We have also given talks to Penn Flight, the flying club of Penn students, and I produced a public-service announcement with Hon. Ed Rendell C’65 Hon’00, which has received airtime all across the country, including on CNN headline news, and US Airways inflight.”

Patrick Neal C’99 wed Jennifer Triolo C’99 on Dec. 1 in Philadelphia. The wedding was well-attended by family and friends, including John V. McCarty W’99 and Alycia Kaufman McCarty W’99, Brian Munro C’99, Lauren Ballough C’99, Michael E. Pikiel Jr. C’99 (who sent in this note), Robert Z. Dziedziech W’99, Clinton Matter C/W’97, Thomas R. Kaufman W’02, Hilary North C’04, Kourtney Krom C’98, Karen Weiss C’98, Carrie Van Syckel EAS’98, Demetrios Hadgis C’99, Caroline Shipps C’00, Meirav Levy Abramovitz C’99, Gretchen Price C’99, and Sam Tarantini WEv’99. Pat and Jenn live outside of Philadelphia, and both work for Susquehanna International Group, LLP.

Natalie Taub C’99 is pursuing an MBA at San Francisco State University.


Julie Gerstein C’00 recently joined Soroptimist International of the Americas, a Philadelphia-based international volunteer organization for women in sbusiness, management, and the professions, as publications coordinator. After graduating, she traveled to Chiapas in Mexico and served as an international observer with Fray Bartolomeo de las Casas, a human-rights organization. She volunteers with the Bookmobile project in Philadelphia, and is a freelance writer and columnist for The Philadelphia Weekly.

Casey K. Weidenmiller L’01 has joined the law firm of Quarles & Brady LLP as an associate; he focuses on corporate work and commercial litigation in its Naples, Fla., office.

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