Explorer in a Hurry
In his brief and dramatic life, 19th-century medical alumnus  Elisha Kent Kane broke new ground in exploring both the frozen North and the hothouse atmosphere of celebrity culture. | By Dennis Drabelle

Bistro Days
In an excerpt from her new book, Forklore, published  to celebrate her Old City stalwart’s 10th anniversary,  Fork founder Ellen Yin W’87 WG’93 tells the story of a Chinese Jersey girl in search of American cuisine. Plus: An interview with the author, recipes, and the stories of a couple of other pioneering Penn restaurateurs

My Dinner with Thor
As a Penn student, he helped free his wrongfully accused father from a Venezuelan prison and won an award for protecting free speech on campus. These days Thor Halvorssen C’96 G’96 is still “fighting for freedom”—with time out for an occasional nice meal. | By Julia M. Klein

All Business
David Teece G’73 Gr’75 describes himself as a  “practicing business intellectual.” That’s not an oxymoron. | By Samuel Hughes

Volume 106, No.4
Cover Illustration by David Hollenbach

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