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46 Don Solenberger W’46 celebrated his 90th birthday on March 31 at Riddle Village, Media, Pa., with Bill Chaveas W’50, Ray Cummings Gr’64, Jean Kepler CW’47, Joe Labrum C’47 L’50, Joe Farrell L’49, Dean Evans, GEd’50, Lynn Deming CW’51, Adam Andrews D’48, Steve Solenberger W’78, Don Brown WG’55, Mary Brown WG’55, and Eileen Farrell L’49.

49 William A. Kelley Jr. W’49 L’52 writes that he was made a chevalier of the Legion d’Honneur of France for his “service in the US Army to France in World War II.”

Stuart D Wechsler W’53 is a retired lawyer whose last law firm was Wechsler, Harwood, Halebian & Feffer in New York, of which he was senior partner. He would be interested in hearing from any friends or acquaintances from his Wharton or any other class at stuartdw@aol.com.

56 Robert A. Natiello WG’56, retired in Sedona, Ariz., reports the release of his new book, The Almost Perfect Crime and Other Award Winning Stories of New York. “Of the 22 collected fiction and nonfiction stories, [some] have been nominated for national Pushcart Prizes: ‘Dog Fight,’ first prize winner in Manhattan Media’s Summer Fiction Contest, also appeared in New York Press; ‘Our Town,’ and ‘West Side Spirit.’ The book is available on the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AuthorHouse sites.”

57 Daniel M. Burns WEv’57 writes, “I was the Class Valedictorian and art editor of our yearbook. My company moved me to California shortly after graduation and I had a 35-year career in finance with corporations such as Eversharp, Schick Electric, Warner Lambert, and an English company, Chloride Group Plc. I retired in 1992 and opened a travel agency with my wife, Margery; we ran it for eight years and then sold it. We are both avid travelers and have visited over 100 countries. We have two children and five grandchildren. I started contributing to Penn’s annual drive in 1959 and continued faithfully for the last 54 years. I appreciate the education that I received at Penn.”


58 Sylvia Abrams Salvat Ed’58 wrote in late May, “My husband, Norman Salvat W’50, and I are enjoying retirement with winters in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., and spring and summer in Philadelphia and Longport, N.J. He plays golf and tennis regularly and doesn’t miss his days ‘pushing a pencil’ as a CPA. I retired first from being an art teacher in the Philadelphia public schools, then spent the next 10 years as the director of student education at the Powel & Physick historic house museums in Society Hill. Now I have more time for my first love, art. I am having my third one-person show, featuring my pastels, in June at the Cosmopolitan Club in downtown Philadelphia.”

60 Hank Aberman C’60, newsletter editor for the Class of 1960, in the spring sent out a request to his classmates: “Since our matriculation, the Class of 1960 has always been a trendsetter. As recent additions to the Old Guard, I think it’s now timely to redefine what has long been perceived as the ‘quiet years of retirement’ … Through various hobbies, work, personal development, and not-for-profit endeavors, we should consider changing the word retirement to refocusment. I believe this better conveys … that our energies have not ebbed, and have been redirected to different activities. So let me know, What are you doing?” He received these replies.

Julian Yudelson W’60:
“OK Hank, I’ll take the challenge. Very brief total update from June 1960 to date. Went to work in 1961 as planned for Rich’s Department Store in Atlanta, decided I did not want to run the place in 30 years so got an MBA at Emory, PhD from Northwestern (classmate of [Wharton Dean] Tom Robertson), and taught marketing (my Wharton major) at Marquette, Cleveland State, and the Rochester Institute of Technology. Retired in 2002 and keep busy as a volunteer with the Service Corps of Retired Executives, working with small businesses, tutoring every week in a city school, serving on a few non-profit boards and committees, and visiting grandchildren on each coast. Personally, I am still married to the girl I was dating at Penn, B.J. (Smith College, 1961). We have two children and nine grandchildren. Living in Rochester, we like to go someplace warm and interesting in February. Last year it was an eight-day white-water canoe trip on the Rio Grande. So far, health is good. My main current challenge in that area is losing a few pounds and getting a little more fit for summer canoeing in the Adirondacks.”

David Brunn ME’60: “I’m one of those still active. I was employed by the consulting organization of Arthur Andersen & Co. from 1962 to 1993, serving as a partner from 1973 on; that part still lives on today as Accenture. Regrettably, the rest of the firm disappeared in the wake of the Enron debacle in 2001. While there is a little ‘vindication’ as a result of the Supreme Court reversing the earlier decision in 2005, it was too late to ‘put Humpty Dumpty back together again.’ Since 1993, I have been teaching courses in accounting and financial management at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisc., seemingly a long way away from my mechanical-engineering education at Penn. Officially, I am the Rogers Palmer Distinguished Professor of Business Administration. That and $4 gets you a cup of Starbucks coffee. I’m enjoying good health and the company of a wonderful family.”

Elaine Polin Ed’60 G’62: “In 2011, my book of poetry, A New Time, A New Place, was published by Tangled Web Press.”

Lowell Dubrow W’60 L’63: “I’m writing to say that I am not retired by anybody’s definition. I practice law in the Philadelphia area, concentrating on estate planning and administration. At present, my only law partner is my son Barry J. Dubrow C’90. I am a widower, my wife, Roberta, having died in 1997, and am the father of three: the aforenamed Barry, the lawyer; Michael G. Dubrow W’92, who is in risk management with New York Life; and Julie D. Duncan C’96, who does props in movie and television work in New York. All three of my children are Penn graduates, though Barry went to USC Law Center and Michael got his MBA at Columbia. At present, all three of my children are married and [each has] one child. My inamorata is Dr. Marjorie Stanek CW’67; she went to the Women’s Medical College, a predecessor to Drexel’s medical school. Interestingly, she also has three children, all of whom have Penn degrees, so that between us and our six children we have nine Penn degrees (I’m the only one with two). Margie also works at least full time: she’s a cardiologist in a practice centered at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.”

Ed France Jr. W’60: “Retirement is well in progress. Since I closed my consulting business in 2000, I’ve moved to St. Augustine to a new gated community. I’ve been elected to the board, chaired the treasury committee, and performed as president. I joined the St. Augustine Yacht Club and was an officer for five years until I had a heart attack, [which] took me out of the game for a short time. I helped start an investment club which, applying solid Wharton techniques, has returned just over 12% compound annually. I terminated the club last December, because I was receiving my second ‘new’ hip and was unable to continue as the treasurer. 2011 was an important year, I had one hip replaced in May and the other in December. I’m now able to walk without any pain. My wife and I have toured Europe a couple of times, as well as the Middle East. We’ve also enjoyed classical music and operas each year in Jacksonville and Daytona Beach. Much of the time left is consumed with trying to catch every fish in NE Florida, freshwater and ocean. My only regret is that I should have retired sooner. As they say, ‘Life is good.’”

Lois Silver Horgan CW’60 Gr’72: “Besides enjoying 17 grandchildren (second marriages for John and me) who are spread out all over the country and in England, and taking care of two houses (one in New Canaan and one in Nantucket), I keep busy leading five book groups, going to the opera and theater in New York, and traveling. I also get involved in political campaigns, and try to keep up with current events and world literature. Life is good.”

Norman Singer W’60:
“I decided to respond because I have been silent for so long and not for any other reason. I must admit that I do appreciate the time you have put in over the years trying to motivate people like me who, frankly, are appreciative of your efforts, but don’t do very much on their own. This is just a note, to let you know as of this time I am still working, although I am formally retired from my teaching position (even though I do still teach a reduced load), and continue to perform the other functions that I had developed over my long teaching career; it is almost 48 years since I first taught in the fall of 1964. Best regards.”

Richard Harrison W’60:
“My grandparents died in their 60s and looked old long before that. Our generation is considerably different and that’s a good thing. I’m still working full-time, enjoying it, making growth plans, and plan to continue as long as I’m able. I work out every day, either in the gym with my trainer or running (focused currently on a 10-mile race in Philadelphia in May). I committed to my granddaughter that I would get back to the piano and learn to speak Italian. For me, retirement is a trap and I have no intention of falling into it. I want to stay in the game, while at the same time enjoying my five beautiful grandchildren.”

61  David Gilman W’61 writes, “My wife, Gail, and I recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. We were married March 24, 1962, in Norfolk, Va., while I was serving in the US Navy.”

62   E. Jeffrey Ludwig C’62 writes that he is “in excellent health,” and has “recently published two articles at www.americanthinker.com: ‘Leftist Textbooks and WWI’ and ‘Does the Declaration of Independence Tell The Truth?’ In addition, poems glorifying Jesus Christ have been published at www.messianic-literary.com. Although not identified with Penn’s leftward-leaning subculture of recent years, I remember with fondness and appreciation the friendships, as well as leadership and academic opportunities, afforded me as an undergraduate. I especially am thankful for former Provost and English Professor E. Sculley Bradley C’19 Gr’25 for encouraging me as a writer and student of literature, and Douglas Dickson C’43 G’47, director of student financial aid, who helped me to receive the Crown Zellerbach Senior Scholarship and a Thouron Fellowship to the London School of Economics. I also remember with gratitude my undergraduate friendships with Jon Greenawalt C’61 G’63, Robert Tollen C’61 L’64, Harry Reagan W’62 L’65, and Peter Sansone C’63, and am honored especially to have been a member of Sphinx and Key with Ron Christmas C’62.”

64  Beryl Lieff Benderly CW’64 G’66 in May received the IEEE-USA Award for Distinguished Literary Contributions Furthering the Public Understanding of the Profession “for outstanding journalistic effort in educating the public about the influence of engineering in medicine.”

Paul G. Humber C’64 GEd’65
announces that his recently published book, 400 Prophecies, Appearances or Foreshadowings of Christ in the Tanakh (Old Testament), has recently come off the press. “It was spurred on in some measure by a debate [I] had had about a year ago.” A DVD of the debate, NY Debate between Rabbi Tovia Singer and Pastor Paul Humber, is also available on Amazon.

65Charles E. Dagit Jr. C’65 Ar’67 GAr’68 in April was presented with “the Pennsylvania Gold Medal of Distinction by the American Institute of Architects … for a lifetime distinguished career in architecture.”

Dr. Stuart B. Levy M’65 is a Distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology and Microbiology and of Medicine and director of the Center for Adaptation Genetics and Drug Resistance at Tufts University. He recently received the 2012 Abbott-ASM Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society for Microbiology for his “sustained contributions to the microbiological sciences, his many decades of dedicated basic science, and his advisory work in the area of antimicrobial drug resistance.”

Gregory D. Saputelli C’65 is a partner in the litigation department of the Philadelphia-based law firm of Obermayer, Rebmann, Maxwell & Hippel LLP. He recently was recertified by the New Jersey State Supreme Court as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney.

66  Dennis Drabelle G’66 L’69 has a new book coming out in August from St. Martin’s Press: The Great American Railroad War: How Ambrose Bierce and Frank Norris Took on the Central Pacific Railroad.

67  Dr. Ronald S. Banner M’67, who still practices internal medicine in Northeast Philadelphia and is also chair emeritus of medical ethics at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, was recently honored by the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine. An article titled “A Practice Based on Compassion and Caring” in Good Medicine, their quarterly publication, described his focus in treating patients and his help during the last decade to the committee.

Martin H. Redish C’67, Chicago, the Louis and Harriet Ancel Professor of Law and Public Policy at Northwestern University, was honored on March 30 with a gathering celebrating his 40th year there.


68  Mathilde Benveniste CW’68 writes, “I received my graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University, a PhD and an MSE. I worked in energy policy until the early Eighties when the loss of interest by the [federal government] in this area caused me to switch fields to telecommunications. After 25 years in Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, and Avaya Labs-Research, I now consult on intellectual-property acquisition and valuation in wireless telecommunications. Last month I received my 88th US patent, with another 30 patent applications pending. I live in North Jersey, and visit Greece, where I have a delightful niece and two nephews. I enjoy traveling all over the world (I have been to over 35 countries); East Asia is my favorite destination. When not busy with technical consulting or travel, I give lectures on the little known history of the once most prominent Jewish community of my Greek hometown, Thessaloniki or Salonika, which practically vanished in WWII. [I] wrote an article on this in New Jersey Jewish News, Dec. 14. I serve also on the board of the American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece.”

Dr. Ching Kung Gr’68 is the Vilas Professor of Genetics and Molecular Biology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He was recently elected a fellow of the American Academy for Microbiology for his “significant contributions to microbiology.”

Dr. Peter L. Strick C’68 G’72, a Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology at the University of Pittsburgh, is also director of the Systems Neuroscience Institute there and co-director of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (a joint program with Carnegie Mellon University), and a senior research career scientist at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. In May, he was elected to the US National Academy of Sciences in recognition of his “distinguished and continuing achievements in original research.”

69  Gerald L. Walker GCP’69 GFA’84 Gr’93 and Craig S. Riley GEd’75 have “recently returned from an around-the-world trip, after three decades of many sites-specific extended journeys worldwide.”


70 Gordon J. Beggs C’70 L’73, an emeritus clinical professor of law at the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University, wrote an autobiography, From Nixon Unto Nixon, The Tale of a Public Interest Lawyer, that is available on the school’s website.

Dr. Marion Field Fass CW’70 is a professor of biology and co-chair of the health and society interdisciplinary program at Beloit College in Wisconsin. In August, she will receive the 2012 William E. Bennett Award for Extraordinary Contributions to Citizen Science from the National Center for Science and Civic Engagement.

Sam Schwartz GCE’70 is head of Sam Schwartz Engineering, PLLC, a traffic and transportation planning and engineering firm in Manhattan. His proposal to minimize congestion, ease regional transport, and revive public transit was outlined in an op-ed in The New York Times on March 5.

72 Cate Gable CW’72 announces the publication of Chère Alice: Three Lives (by Publication Studio, Portland, Ore.), which are sonnets and selections from an interview of Alice B. Toklas (deposited at the Bancroft Library of the University of California, Berkeley), and to be offered in conjunction with an exhibit there: A Place at the Table: A Gathering of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Text, Image, and Voice.


73 Dr. Helen F. Giles-Gee CW’72 GEd’73 Gr’83, president of Keene State College in New Hampshire, will become president of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia later this month.

Robert Levithan C’73 writes, “My column on aging, ‘The New 60,’ is now available as a book from Amazon. It’s time to realize that we do not have a shelf-life, that we are creating a new paradigm for vital aging in the 21st century. I continue to write for The Huffington Post and to facilitate groups at Friends in Deed, The Crisis Center for Life-Threatening Illness, in New York’s SoHo. So far, being in my 60s is an adventure!”

Thomas E. Zemaitis C’73 L’76 is a partner in the Philadelphia office of the law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP, who specializes in trademark and copyright commercial litigation and antitrust and trade regulation. In May, he was presented with the Myra Bradwell Society Award by the Women’s Law Project “for his many years of dedicated service as a board member and his exceptional work in litigation supporting women’s access to safe and legal abortions.”

75 Nathan D. Isen W’75 announces the opening of The Impressionist Gallery at the former Please Touch Museum on North 21 Street, Philadelphia. He is also curator of the Louis Icart Museum and has relocated and named his gallery “I. Brewster and Sons Gallery, with the addition of Phillip and William to the auction division, across the Parkway from the new Barnes.”

Craig S. Riley GEd’75 see Gerald L. Walker GCP’69 GFA’84 Gr’93.

76 Alan Behr C’76 has joined Phillips Nizer LLP in New York as a partner in its corporate and business law department, specializing in international and domestic intellectual-property law. A dual US-German national, he will also work with clients from Germanophone countries.

Nina M. Gussack C’76 GEd’76 is a partner and chair of the executive committee of the Philadelphia law firm of Pepper Hamilton LLP, and chair of its health-effect litigation-practice group. She was named, for the second year, one of Lawdragon’s “500 Leading Lawyers in America” for 2011.

77 Alan J. Feltoon GAr’77 GCP’77 GFA’77 has been appointed managing principal in the Washington office of MulvannyG2 Architecture. Previously, he was vice president and managing principal of Leo A Daly, an architecture, engineering, and design firm. He has also maintained a private architecture practice for 25 years. He is a member of the Greater Washington Board of Trade.


78 Debby Feo C’78 writes, “My first children’s sci-fi book (short stories and poems), Meet the Mercusons, was published by Sams Dot Publishing in March. I am a regular contributor to Beyond Centauri and Hungur. I am mentioned in the 2012 ‘Poet’s Market’ as a contributor to Beyond Centauri.” She notes that her previous published works include another book, 30 short stories, and 15 poems.

79 Ilana Ben-Ze’ev C’79 writes, “After 29 years practicing commercial real-estate finance in large Michigan law firms, with our ‘nest’ empty, I have embarked on a new career. I am now assistant dean of students at the Wayne State University Law School in Detroit. Though now a Wayne Warrior, I remain a Quaker in my heart.”

Bonnie S. Klapper C’79 writes that “After 26 years as a federal prosecutor in both Los Angeles and New York, specializing in investigating and prosecuting Colombian and Mexican drug cartels,” she has retired from the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York. She and the ICE and DEA agents with whom she worked are the subject of a recently published book, The Takedown, A Suburban Mom, A Coal Miner’s Son and the Unlikely Demise of Colombia’s Brutal Norte Valle Cartel, by Jeffrey Robinson. She is now of counsel to the Law Offices of Joel Denaro, specializing in the defense of matters involving money laundering, international drug trafficking, and designations by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Larry Stempel Gr’79, a professor of music at Fordham University, received the 2012 Irving Lowens Book Award of the Society for American Music for Showtime: A History of the Broadway Musical Theater (2010). “The award represents the society’s most prestigious honor, and is given annually for the book judged as the best in the field of American music studies.”


80 David Laufman C’80 recently left the US Department of Justice and has established a solo law practice in Washington, concentrating in white-collar defense and corporate-compliance counseling.

81 John J. McGonagle G’81 co-wrote Proactive Intelligence: The Successful Executive’s Guide to Intelligence, which was published by Springer in February; it is his 20th book.

Rachel Rosen C’81,
Mansfield, Conn., has joined the New England office of Burns & McDonnell, an engineering, architecture, and construction management firm, as the new environmental regional global practice manager. Previously, she was a principal and department manager with the site evaluation and remediation division at Arcadis in Manchester.

Paul D. Spence W’81
writes that he recently retired as deputy CEO at Capgemini (Europe) and the CG Group executive committee. He and his “lovely wife, Maria, have moved back to the US after 16 years abroad and are living in Wintergreen, Va. The two boys are working/living in New York.”

82 Dr. Alan S. Penzias C’82, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard University, writes, “I have been appointed to the WHO infertility global-guidelines and research group, a joint effort funded by the UN Development Program, the UN Population Fund, the World Bank, and WHO. There are 36 experts in male and female infertility from around the world, and I am one of six Americans chosen.”
Mark Weber C’82 writes that he “joined EXL Service in April as vice president and principal in the transformation-services business,” where he is “focused on delivery in the banking and financial-services sector.” He remains “based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and would welcome hearing from classmates and friends at MarkWeber1@aol.com.”

84 Fredric Eisenberg C’84, an attorney with the personal-injury law firm of Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, PC, in Philadelphia, has been included in Pennsylvania Super Lawyers for 2012.

Lorrie Sheppard Holm C’84 and her husband, Nick Holm, in June released their first album, Faith of the Simple, “a CD of original folk/Americana roots music” (www.MillvilleRose.com). They also run their own business, Circle Recording Studios, in Hatboro, just north of Philadelphia. “Music, business, a blended family of six children, and working full-time at a nonprofit keeps [me] busy and happy. Please feel free to contact [me] at millvillerosemusic@gmail.com.”

Brian Rubin W’84, a partner in the Washington office of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, was selected for inclusion in Washington, D.C., Super Lawyers (category, securities litigation) and has been included in The Best Lawyers in America in the areas of litigation securities and securities regulation.

86 Dr. Stephen Mulkey Gr’86 is president of Unity College, Maine.

David J. Steerman C’86, a partner of the Philadelphia law firm of Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg, planned and moderated “Valuing Antiques and Collectibles: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know” at a recent Pennsylvania Bar Institute conference.

87 Hon. Risa Vetri Ferman C’87 was re-elected district attorney of Montgomery County, Pa., last November and sworn in for her second term in January.

Daniel Vinson C’87 writes, “I moved to Barclays Capital last October as a managing director and head of CMBS structured finance. Prior to Barclays, I was working as managing director and head of capital markets and transaction operations at Eurohypo. I live in New York with my wife, Rosanne, and daughter, Hannah (seven), and son, Adam ( nine).”


88 Reed Brockman EAS’88 is proud to announce his book From Sundaes to Space Stations: Careers in Civil Engineering. “While this was written at a level appropriate for middle- and high-school students, it makes great reading for anyone. Available in print and digital formats, all proceeds from purchases through www.bsces.org or www.engineeryourfuture.org directly benefit the outreach program of the Boston Society of Civil Engineers.”

89 Robert F. Hoyt G’89 L’89 has been appointed general counsel of Financial Services Group, Inc., in Pittsburgh. He joined the company in 2009, having served as general counsel of the US Department of the Treasury.


90 Katharine Conley G’90 Gr’92 is the new dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Va. She had been the Edward Tuck Professor of French and Comparative Literature and an associate dean of arts and humanities at Dartmouth College.

Blair J. Davis C’90 wrote in March, “This month, I obtained my psychology license to practice in California; this means I am now a licensed psychologist. I am currently a psychologist and the drug and alcohol specialist at the Counseling and Psychological Services of Humboldt State University.”

Perry Goldberg W’90 writes, “I am excited to announce that after 18 years with the same law firm, I have started a new firm: Goldberg, Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP. Our primary focus continues to be patent litigation, though we are branching out to other areas, including family law. I’m still in Los Angeles (Century City), and would love to connect with any SoCal Quakers.”

Paul C. Pasles C’90 received the 2011 Excellence in Teaching Award from the College of Arts and Sciences of Villanova University, where he is an associate professor of mathematics.

91 Joseph C. Bedwick C’91, a member of the corporate-law practice group of the Philadelphia law firm of Cozen O’Connor, has been appointed the firm’s hiring partner. He had recently served as director of the summer-associate program.

Gregory P. Brown C’91, a shareholder in the litigation group of the Tampa law firm of Hill Ward Henderson, has been elected to a three-year term on the board of the Florida Bar Foundation. He was also included in Florida Super Lawyers and Super Lawyers Business Edition for 2012.

David English C’91 wrote in April of “an exciting past 12 months. In May 2011, I ran the Big Sur marathon, and am happy to report that it lives up to its billing as one of the most scenic marathons in the country. For the first 15 miles or so, the views actually distract you from the ache in your legs. [This] May, my wife, children, and I will move to Rock Island, Ill., where I will start as vice president for finance/CFO of Augustana College. We’ve signed up for a Tough Mudder event in June, to mix up the endurance-event challenges. If we survive, I’ll report how it went.”

Dr. Edward. J James M’91 WG’91 writes, “Several years ago, I struggled with obesity and pre-diabetes, and my LDL was elevated. Rather than immediately prescribing medication, my doctor fortunately suggested [two books, which] prompted me to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and to include exercise, as well as yoga/meditation in my daily routine: I was soon ‘cured.’ … I founded Heal2BFree, LLC (heal2bfree.com) in 2011, where I serve as president. [It] focuses on helping develop and implement plans for healthy lifestyles, and is committed to closing the health disparities gap. I host a blogtalkradio show, Funerals and Fried Chicken. I am the Healthy Lifestyle Expert for BlackDoctor.Org.”

Stephanie R. McNeal W’91, known professionally as Stephanie Renée, was recently hired as the newest on-air personality at WURD 900 AM in Philadelphia. Her program, The Mid-Morning Mojo, airs Monday through Friday, 10 am to noon, and covers current news headlines, education, and arts and culture. WURD is the only remaining black talk-radio station in the state, and “serves as the heartbeat of the African-American urban market in Philadelphia.” Stephanie invites Penn people to contact her for interviews and newsworthy information at srmcneal@alumni.upenn.edu.

Gregory Shufro C’91 is a principal and senior managing director of Shufro, Rose & Co., LLC, an investment-advisory firm founded in 1938 by his grandfather. Since 2009, he has served on the board of the Child Center of New York, “a 59-year-old nonprofit whose mission is to help at-risk children and youth succeed in life.” In April, he was honored by the center. At Penn, he founded Community Kids, a big brother/big sister program working with learning-disabled children in West Philadelphia. Greg lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with his wife, Jen, and their two sons, Jacob and Bryce.

Josh Wolf C’91 was appointed middle-school head at the Park School of Baltimore in January, after having served as interim principal since last July. Previously, he was department chair for modern languages, and the boys’ varsity basketball coach for 17 years. All three of his children, Noë (12), Jacob and Daniel (both six), attend Park.

92 Schatar Sapphira C’92, www.Schatar.com, was featured in “Schatar Sapphira: Beauty and Brains,” the cover story of the March issue of Ambiance magazine.

Maggie Williams ASC’92, a founding partner of Griffin Williams, a consulting firm in Washington, recently received a Woman of Distinction Award from the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders


93 James Markham EAS’93 has been promoted to associate vice president in the Mechanicsburg (Pa.) office of Pennoni Associates, the engineering, design, and consulting firm. He was transportation division manager in its Philadelphia office. A past president of ASCE’s Philadelphia chapter, he is president-elect of the Engineer’s Club of Philadelphia.
94 Hilary G. Bowers C’94, San Diego, became “a partner with Children’s Primary Care Medical Group (www.cpcmg.net) this year. We have over 80 providers delivering healthcare to children in San Diego and Riverside counties. My husband, Peter Bowers, was promoted to director of protein engineering and computational biology at AnaptysBio, Inc., [which] is pioneering somatic hypermutation for the discovery and optimization of antibodies. On the home front, our kids are keeping us quite busy. Our twins, Miriam and Elijah (seven), are in first grade and Hannah (five) is in kindergarten; all three are excelling at Chabad Hebrew in San Diego. Naomi is 2 1/2 and attempts to keep up with everyone. Please feel free to contact us at hilarybowersmd@yahoo.com if you are in the area.”

Brad Bozick EE’94 writes, “My wife, Ann, and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our son, Colin Jasper Bozick, on June 11, 2011. Big sisters Piper and Molly are thrilled to have a little brother. We live in Pittsburgh, where I am an electrical engineer with Bechtel.”
95 Todd D. Aldrich G’95 writes, “I recently made a career transition from Credit Suisse First Boston, where I was a director in capital markets (equity sales), and have taken a position at RBC Capital Markets (a division of the Royal Bank of Canada). I’m a director at RBC Capital in San Francisco and in the process to help build out the middle-market institutional business for the Western US region.”

Caryn Siegel Finley C’95 D’99 and her husband, Andy Finley, are proud to announce the birth of their son, Jake Liam Finley, on Jan. 23. They live in Long Island City, N.Y., and Jake loves hanging out with his cousin Justin Weisenberg, son of Mitch and Bonnie Siegel Weisenberg C’98.

96 Michael Baughman L’96 see Kelly Larsen Baughman C’98 GEd’99.

Marc Magliacano W’96
see Maria Magliacano Nu’98.

Matthew Moss C’96
see Jodi Gold Moss C’98.

Dawn Lanzalotti O’Croinin C’96
and her husband, Conor O’Croinin, are pleased to announce the arrival of Liam James O’Croinin, on Nov. 4 in Annapolis, Md. He joined big sisters Rose Siobhan (4 ) and Ciara Aine (three), who are thrilled with their new brother. Dawn continues her law practice at the Ruckdeschel Law Firm, LLC, in historic Ellicott City, while Conor continues his litigation practice at Zuckerman Spaeder, LLP. “Little Liam made his Penn debut at the Feb. 18 celebration gala of the Glee Club’s 150th anniversary, sporting his red and blue.”

Jordan Small W’96 and his wife, Jessica Klaitman, are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Hannah Danielle Klaitman-Small, on March 24, weighing 5 lbs. 11 oz. “Hannah surprised us by showing up a month early, but everyone is doing well, and big brothers Nolan and Cameron are excited to have a new baby girl at home.”

98 Adam Barrist C’98, a partner of the Philadelphia law firm of Deeb Blum Murphy Frishberg & Markovich, was selected for the National Trial Lawyers Association’s “Top 40 Under 40,” based on his work with catastrophic-injury cases. The award recognizes attorneys that specialize in the areas of civil-plaintiff or criminal-defense law, and is restricted to only 40 attorneys per state per year. He was recently named a 2012 New Jersey “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers magazine.

Kelly Larsen Baughman C’98 GEd’99 and Michael Baughman L’96 are excited to announce (a little late) the birth of twins Lillian Grace and William Henry in Feb. 2011. “Lilly and William just turned one, and big sisters Charlotte and Caroline are now five and three . Kelly is home with the kids, and Michael is a partner at Pepper Hamilton, working in the Philadelphia office. While Mike is pulling for at least one of the kids to go to Cornell, we both hope to have some future Quakers in our bunch. We’d love to hear from Penn friends at kellybaughman@yahoo.com.”

Maria Magliacano Nu’98
and Marc Magliacano W’96 write, “We are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Chloe Anne, on March 12 in Conn. She joined big sisters Lily (six) and Ava (three).”

Jodi Gold Moss C’98 and Matthew Moss C’96 are delighted to announce the birth of their third child, Samuel Benson Moss, who was born on March 28. He joined big sisters Ellie and Juliette. They live in Ardsley, N.Y.

Jennifer R. Smith G’98 Gr’01, associate professor of Earth and planetary sciences and of environmental studies at Washington University in St. Louis, has been named dean of the College of Arts & Sciences there.
99 Dr. Mark Burstein C’99 see Sarah Youdovin Burstein C’00.
Liane Carneiro EAS’99
and Kevin Carneiro are thrilled to announce the birth of Brennen Thomas Carneiro on Jan. 27 in Chapel Hill, N.C. “Big brother Andrew and big sister Amelie are in love with their little brother, as are we!”

Lisa Palladino Indik C’99 and Ari Indik C’99 EAS’99 are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Abigail Gillian Indik, on Jan. 17 at 10:58 am, weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz., and measuring 19   inches long. Like her big brother Jacob Carter Indik (born Jan. 31, 2010), Abigail was born at HUP, in the shadow of the Quad, where her parents first met as freshmen 17 years before. Jacob and Abby enjoyed their first official visit to campus during Alumni Weekend.

Joseph Scott McArdle WEv’99, a marketing specialist at the Devon, Pa., office of Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors, was recently recognized for 10 years of outstanding service. Carol Stefanik CW’58, vice president and manager of Prudential’s Devon Home Marketing Center, presented him with a bronze plaque for this.

Vicky Menexas-Gioroukakis GEd’99 Gr’01 is an associate professor of English education and TESOL at Molloy College in Rockville Centre, N.Y. She co-wrote Getting to the Core of English Language Arts, Grades 6-12: Meeting the Common Core State Standards with Lessons from the Classroom, which was published by Corwin Press in April.


00 Sarah Youdovin Burstein C’00 and Dr. Mark Burstein C’99 would like to wish a very happy second birthday to their twins, Samuel Ethan and Mia Rose, on July 16. “We kept meaning to write sooner to announce their birth, but have had our hands full!” Sarah and Mark live in Bucks County, Pa., where she is a consultant with the Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute and he is a partner at Premier ENT.

Sandhya Kawatra C’00 and her husband, Vikrant Dalvi, welcomed their first son on March 12; he was born at 1:38pm, three weeks early, and was 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 18 inches. Sandhya and Vikrant both work at Amgen Inc. in Thousand Oaks, Calif.; she is a senior counsel and he is a pricing analyst. They are very happy and excited to share their life with their new son.

Lou Kolman EAS’00 and Claire Kolman GEd’06 are happy to announce the birth of their son, Asher Bradley, on Feb. 10 in Chapel Hill, NC. He joined big sister Makena, who turned three in December. Lou is completing his cardiology fellowship at UNC.

Jeffrey M. Poirier C’00, a senior research analyst at the American Institutes for Research in Washington, wrote in May, “I have a book coming out next month, for which I am co-editor and a contributing author for several chapters: Improving Emotional and Behavioral Outcomes for LGBT Youth: A Guide for Professionals.”

01 Anna Dayn C’01 WG’08 and her husband, Mathias, are proud to announce the birth of their first child, a son, Joseph Eli. They recently moved to New York from London.

Joshua S. Duchan C’01, an assistant professor of music at Wayne State University, wrote Powerful Voices: The Musical and Social World of Collegiate A Cappella, which was published recently by the University of Michigan Press. He covers several a cappella groups at Penn, including the Counterparts (in which he sang) and Off the Beat.

Melissa Kaufman Stoloff W’01 and Matthew Stoloff C’01 are proud to announce the birth of their son, Micah Landon, on Oct. 5. He joined big sister Emma who is three. Melissa and Matt live in Tempe, Ariz.

Moshe Simon-Shoshan G’01 Gr’05 teaches rabbinic literature and biblical interpretation at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He wrote Stories of the Law: Narrative Discourse and the Construction of Authority in the Mishnah, which was published recently by Oxford University Press.
02 Noah Chinitz EAS’02 and Ella Chinitz C’03 are thrilled to announce the birth of Gabriel Dov on Jan. 23. “Gabe’s big brother Ari is three and cannot wait for his soccer buddy to grow up. Noah continues to be an orthopaedic resident at NorthShore-LIJ and Ella works in consumer insights at Razorfish.”

Gemma Giantomasi C’02, Essex Fells, N.J., is an associate in the commercial real estate, redevelopment, and environmental-law practice group of Genova, Burns, Giantomasi & Webster in Newark. She has been appointed to the board of Opportunity Project, a program for adults who are recovering from brain injuries.

Justin Green W’02 WG’09 see Michelle Goldberg Green C’04.

Mary Katherine Hayburn C’02
has joined the law firm of Offit Kurman as an associate in its family-law practice group, and is based in its Bethesda, Md., office.

Amy Rosen Kontorovich EAS’02 wrote in April, “My husband, Alex, and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our son, Harry Jacob Kontorovich, who arrived on his due date on Dec 26. We can’t wait to bring him to campus and meet up with old friends at the Reunion.”

Dr. Ryan Rakowski C’02 and his wife, Jessica, are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Dylan Levi Rakowski, in Toronto on March 10, weighing 7 lbs. 7 oz., and measuring 20 inches long. He was welcomed home by very excited big sister Leah, who turned two in April.

Kimberly Rachel Rittberg C’02 married Alexander Patrick Nyren at Ceiba Del Mar in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, on March 3. Friends and family flew in from across the globe to help celebrate; alumni at the wedding included Jay Rittberg L’02, Matthew Rittberg L’05, Ashley Musfeldt C’02, Jamison Skelli-Cohen C’01, Katherine Claypoole McKenzie C’01, Melissa Cohen C’01, Jessica Garvey C’09, Morgan Cohen C’02, Connie Chung W’02, Jo Piazza C’02, Timothy K. Minta C’02, Brian Faerstein C’01 L’05, Nathan Bull C’01, Melissa Manne C’03, Alli Levine Stillman C’02 L’05, and Tanya Levina Kleyman C’03. The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Jonathan Stein W’69 of Manhattan’s Temple Shaaray Tefila. Kim notes she is “growing her ‘kritt jewelry’ business, now selling it at high-end stores including Bloomingdale’s: check it out at www.krittjewelry.com.” She has also been working as a television reporter and producer, covering celebrity news, feature stories, and breaking news; currently, she is a producer at Fox News’ On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. Alex, a Harvard grad, is a senior-engagement manager at Oliver Wyman, where he focuses on financial services.

Kathryn V. Whitfield C’02 and Adam L. Fotiades C’02 are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Wyatt Whitfield Fotiades, on March 18. Family welcoming him include proud grandfather Dr. Rick N. Whitfield GrEd’03. Kathryn, Adam, and Wyatt live in Washington, where Adam is an attorney with Zuckerman Spaeder LLP and Kathryn recently left her practice as an estate-planning attorney.


03 Ali Budin Auerbach C’03 and Jason Auerbach C’04 are proud to announce the arrival of their daughter, Lucy Eleanor, on April 2. Henry is thrilled to be a big brother.
Ben Bahney C’03 writes, “My wife, Ashley, and I are proud to announce the birth of our first child, Brock William Mark Bahney, on March 9, weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz., and 20 1/2inches tall, here in Oakland, Calif. Ashley and I are both political scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.”

Ella Chinitz C’03 see Noah Chinitz EAS’02.

Alexis Decerbo W’03
married Vicktor Volpe W’03 on Dec. 10 at St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church in Bridgeport, Conn. A reception followed at the New Haven Lawn Club. The wedding party included bridesmaid and toast-giver Jessica Kennedy W’04 and her husband, Sam Gabbita WG’04, best man and toast-giver Don Pawleksi C’03, and groomsman Kevin Wachter W’03 and his wife, Kazuko An C’03. Other Penn guests included Elizabeth Abrams W’03 EAS’03, David Bard EAS’02 WG’11, Greg Berman W’02, Deepti Chauhan W’03, Yale Cohen W’03, David Cohen EAS’02 W’02 WG’10, Caitlin Crowley Nu’03, Frank DePaoli EAS’03, Sarah Duggan-Schwarzschild C’03, Lisa Gerson C’03, Sona Karia W’04, Dmitry Koltunov EAS’03, Brett Manfrey W’03, Lauren Staudinger W’03, Brent Tasugi W’03, and Nam Trinh EAS’03. Alexis is the buyer of Estée Lauder products for Macy’s, and Vicktor operates a wholesale building-supply company on Long Island, as well as a small real-estate management company. After honeymooning in the Turks & Caicos and Beaver Creek, Colo., they continue to make their home in New York.

Gaurav Jain C’03 EAS’03, a journalist for Tehelka.com, won the National Press Club of India Award for his investigative reporting.

Suzanne Leta Liou C’03 and Jon Liou C’03 are thrilled to announce the birth of their son, Wyatt Yeh-Chi Oscar Liou, on April 12. He “surprised everyone by deciding to arrive six weeks early; we are happy to report that the little man is as healthy and strong as any newborn. In other news, Jon graduated from the University of Oregon law school in 2010 and now practices as a deputy district attorney for Multnomah County. Suzanne works as a development manager for Renewable Energy Systems Americas. We live in Portland, Ore., with Wyatt and Callie, the family dog.”

Heidi Sachs L’03 and Rick Maletsky L’03 welcomed a daughter, Hannah Sachs Maletsky, on March 7 in New York. She is little sister to David and Max Maletsky.

04 Jason Auerbach C’04 see Ali Budin Auerbach C’03.

Michelle Goldberg Green C’04
and Justin Green W’02 WG’09 are thrilled to announce the birth of their daughter, Lauren Allison Green, on May 4; she weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. Michelle and Justin live in New York, where she has joined a dermatology private practice in Manhattan after completing her dermatology residency at Cornell in June and he is a vice president at a private-equity firm.

Laura Elaine Matthew Gr’04,
an assistant professor of history at Marquette University, wrote Memories of Conquest: Becoming Mexicano in Colonial Guatemala, which was published recently by the University of North Carolina Press.

Brennan Quinn C’04,
who graduated from Harvard Law School in 2008, has joined Farella Braun + Martel LLP in San Francisco as an associate in its environmental-law department. She had been with Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP in its Washington office.

05 Jack Daryanani CGS’05, Allentown, Pa., has been appointed vice president in charge of commercial lending for the Lehigh Valley region at TD Bank in Bethlehem. Previously, he was a relationship manager in commercial real estate at M&T Bank.
Steven Ujifusa GFA’05, www.stevenujifusa.com, has written A Man and His Ship, “a biography of America’s greatest naval architect, William Francis Gibbs, a native Philadelphian who grew up on Rittenhouse Square at the turn of the 20th century. Gibbs’s masterpiece was the ocean liner United States, the most celebrated in transatlantic service (from 1952 to 1969), and an icon of American style and industrial power. He also designed 70% of the Navy’s World War II fleet, including the Liberty Ship.” Steven’s first book, it will be published by Simon & Schuster this month.

06 Michael A. Cipriano GEd’06, Downingtown, Pa., has joined the business department of the law firm of Eckell, Sparks, Levy, Auerbach, Monte, Sloane, Matthews & Auslander, P.C., in Media.

Claire Kolman GEd’06 see Lou Kolman EAS’00.

07 Rachel Feintzeig C’07 married David Bennett C’07 on April 28 at the New Haven Lawn Club. They did not meet until the summer after their graduation, at a hostel in Barcelona. “The beautiful ceremony included proud mother of the bride, Elise Epner L’82.” The wedding party included bridesmaids Tracey Liebman C’07 and Sarah Friedman C’07 (who sent in this note), and groomsmen David Liebhaber C’06 and Joseph Clarke W’07. The wedding was attended by Amruta Godbole C’07, Chelsea Albright C’07, Jill Reiner C’07, Adam Dulberg C’08, Michael Stewart C’07, Sarah Fehm C’07, Evan Goldin C’07, Jon Passaro C’06, Alex Papoff C’04, Dave Kriesman EAS’07 GEng’07, Mara Gordon C’08, Mindy Fox C’07 and Evan Fox EAS’07 W’07, Shane St. Hill C’07, Terence Huang C’08, and Beth Ageloff-Posner D’83 and Jordan Posner WG’86.

Rich Garella C’07
writes, “The documentary I produced, Who Killed Chea Vichea?, just won a Peabody Award, announced in April. A labor leader with whom I worked in Cambodia in the late 1990s, Vichea was assassinated in early 2004. Directed by Bradley Cox, the film shows that the Cambodian government framed and imprisoned two innocent men in order to cover its own tracks. It was co-produced with the Independent Television Service with funding from Corporation for Public Broadcasting (and from viewers like you, of course), and aired widely on US public television last year. Meanwhile it’s banned in Cambodia. It’s my first (and quite possibly last) documentary. Find it at www.whokilledcheavichea.com.”

Gene Zannetti C’07 and Jeff Zannetti C’09, former Penn wrestlers, recently launched Z-Fanatical Fitness (www.zfanatical.com); it “utilizes evidence-based Threshold Training which allows people of all different levels to reach their fitness goals. Each workout is 10 minutes and can be performed nearly anywhere with no equipment.”


08 Elizabeth Yohlin C’08 and Andrew Baill W’08, who met as freshmen in Rosengarten of Van Pelt Library, are happy to announce their engagement. She received her master’s in art education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently the distance-learning educator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He, who has worked at Bain and Co., is pursuing an MBA at Wharton. They are planning a wedding in Philadelphia next May.

09 Adam L. Bliss L’09 in February joined the Philadelphia law firm of Blank Rome LLP as an associate; he had been with Dilworth Paxson LLP. He specializes in consumer disputes of financial lending institutions.

Daniel Whipple GAr’09 writes, “I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know what me and my business partner, Andrew Gierke GAr’09, are up too. After graduating from PennDesign we started www.sectionvmedia.com, our own digital-media firm in Hollywood, and are about to launch our first major social-media project called Bumblr! We’ve got seed investment and are going to socially launch our site using Kickstarter. You can check out our landing page at www.bumblr.com and it would be great if there was any way we could get some support from the UPenn community.”

Jeff Zannetti C’09 see Gene Zannetti C’07.


12   Luis Ernesto Del Valle C’12 W’12, Mexico City, was the first recipient of the Paul Miller Leadership Award of the Sphinx Senior Society at Penn; it is named after Paul Miller C’83 [“Exit Laughing,” March|April 2011].



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