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School Abbreviations

Ar        Architecture
ASC     Annenberg
B         Biology
C         College (bachelor’s)
CCC     College Collateral Courses
CCT     College Courses for Teachers
CE       Civil Engineering
CGS     College of General Studies (till 2008)
Ch       Chemistry
ChE     Chemical Engineering
CP       City Planning
CW      College for Women (till 1975)
D         Dental Medicine
DH       Dental Hygiene
EAS     Engineering and Applied Science (bachelor’s)
Ed       Education
EE       Electrical Engineering
FA       Fine Arts
FE       Fuel Engineering
G        master’s, Arts and Sciences
GAr      master’s, Architecture
GCE     master’s, Civil Engineering
GCh     master’s, Chemical Engineering
GCP     master’s, City Planning
GD      Dental, post-degree
GEd     master’s, Education
GEE     master’s, Electrical Engineering
GEng   master’s, Engineering and Applied Science
GEx     master's, Engineering Executive
GFA     master’s, Fine Arts
GGS    master’s, College of General Studies
GL      master’s, Law
GLA    master’s, Landscape Architecture
GME    master’s, Mechanical Engineering
GM      Medicine, post-degree
GMt     master’s, Metallurgical Engineering
GNu     master’s, Nursing
GPU     master’s, Governmental Administration
Gr        doctorate
GrC      doctorate, Civil Engineering
GrE      doctorate, Electrical Engineering
GrEd     doctorate, Education
GrL      doctorate, Law
GrM     Doctor of Science in Medicine
GrN     doctorate, Nursing
GRP     master’s, Regional Planning
GrS      doctorate, Social Work
GrW     doctorate, Wharton
GV       Veterinary, post-degree
Hon      Honorary
HUP     Nurse training (till 1978)
L         Law
LAr      Landscape Architecture
LPS     Liberal and Professional Studies
M        Medicine
MC      Medico-Chi Medical
MCD    Medico-Chi Dental
ME      Mechanical Engineering
MnE     Mining Engineering
MT       Medical Technology
MtE     Metallurgical Engineering
Mu      Music
NEd     Certificate in Nursing
Nu       Nursing (bachelor’s)
OT       Occupational Therapy
PD       Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery
PH       Public Health
PSW    Pennsylvania School of Social Work
PT       Physical Therapy
SAMP   School of Allied Medical Professions
SP2     Social Policy and Practice (master’s)
SW      Social Work (master’s) (till 2005)
V         Veterinary Medicine
W        Wharton (bachelor’s)
WAM    Wharton Advanced Management
WEF     Wharton Extension Finance
WEv     Wharton Evening School
WExt    Wharton Extension School
WG       master’s, Wharton


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