Federal law — HIPAA — regulates the use of health information on campus by “covered components” at Penn. Penn’s largest covered component is Penn Medicine — and it has its own HIPAA privacy resources page.

Entity Privacy Officers

Entity Privacy Officer Phone Email
Penn Medicine Lauren Steinfeld 215-573-3348 privacy@uphs.upenn.edu
University Privacy Scott Schafer 215-898-1934 privacy@upenn.edu
Perelman School of Medicine Marianne Achenbach 215-573-8798 achenbac@mail.med.upenn.edu
School of Dental Medicine Ian Wheeler 215-573-8599 privacy@dental.upenn.edu
Student Health Services Erika Gross 215-746-3535 shs@pobox.upenn.edu

Privacy Officers for Penn Medicine Hospitals and Practices can be found at: http://uphsxnet.uphs.upenn.edu/hipaa/contact.html

Additional HIPAA Resources