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PennNet Mailing Lists - Checklist

The PennNet Mailing Lists service is best used in situations where:
  1. There is a faculty or staff member who will take responsibility for owning the list.
  2. There is a list of subscribers where the membership may be subject to change or where a specified group of people should be allowed to subscribe themselves.
  3. Sensitive or ongoing information needs to be shared among a controlled group of people.
  4. Mailings to the list need to be restricted or controlled.

If your needs don't match the above, you might consider some alternatives to the PennNet Mailing Lists service:

  • Mail Aliases - You can create private alias lists using most e-mail products which allow you to send messages to a single address and have them go to multiple individuals. Check with your Local Support Provider for more information about the availability and use of these facilities in your environment.
  • Departmental list services - Many departments on campus run their own list services. Please check with your Local Support Provider to see if there is a departmental list services available to you.
  • Web Pages - If you have access to a Web server, you can put up pages of information on the Web and make these pages available for the general public.
  • Free list services - There are sites that will offer free groups like: Please note that ISC does not endorse any of these services and you will find no campus support of these services.

There are alternatives to the PennNet Mailing Lists service.
Review our document outlining electronic alternatives to listservs.


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