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Why was I automatically removed from a list?

While there are many reasons why you might have been removed from a list, recently we have been seeing subscribers automatically being removed from a list due to a new spam filter process which evaluates emails that are being seen multiple times through our email core.

More explanation:

You may have a unique setup, in that you have email forwarding for pointed to your Zimbra email account, and then your Zimbra email account is being forwarded to an Exchange email account for final delivery. This causes any email that comes in to to recurse through two different email services, including the spam filter multiple times.

How do I know if I'm affected?

You will have an account on both UPenn Zimbra service and UPenn Exchange account.

Steps that you may need to take to resolve this problem:

  • The subscriber forwarding is change to use their Exchange account
  • The subscriber email is updated in Listserv to point to their Exchange email account
  • The Auto-Delete subscribers option is turned off in Listserv per list owner
Options B and C will only quiet the problem in Listserv, and not other email providers trying to send to you via

If you feel this may have happened to you, please email so that we can help assist in the remediation.


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