Safety & Security

Penn's Division of Public Safety works alongside the campus community to keep the University neighborhood safe.

Penn has taken significant steps to ensure that the University continues to function in case of an emergency. The resources and information on this page are designed to help members of the Penn community prepare for and cope with an unexpected crisis, and protect the campus community should the region experience a hostile act.

Safety and Security: A Shared Responsibility
An overview of Penn’s safety and security services, including general public safety tips and important information about the ways Penn students can promote a safe campus.

Division of Public Safety
A central source for information about police, fire, and emergency services, security services, including walking escorts, and special victim services. Public safety also manages the University’s extensive electronic security infrastructure.

Clery Crime Log
The daily Clery crime log includes all alleged criminal incidents reported to and made known to the Division of Public Safety in the Penn Patrol Zone.

Walking Escort Service
Information about Penn’s 24/7 walking escort service and how to request a walking escort.

Penn Guardian
Penn Guardian is a service that allows anyone with a valid Penn ID number and PennKey to rapidly and silently provide information to the Division of Public Safety during an emergency.