Penn’s undergraduate students pursue more than 90 majors across four schools and engage in interdisciplinary programs that make the resources of all 12 Penn schools available as they forge new paths in research and scholarship.

Dual Degree

Each student contributes to the unique mix of cultural identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, religious beliefs, and sexual orientations that is the Penn community. Undergraduates learn from this rich diversity and develop the perspectives they need to thrive—and help others to thrive—in an increasingly complex world.

Student Spotlight with Rutendo Chigora

Rutendo Chigora, 22, is a senior double majoring in international relations and political science, and minoring in English. In December, she was awarded a non-U.S. Rhodes Scholarship. Chigora says was “stunned” when she found out she was named a Rhodes Scholar. “I think I applied knowing that nobody applies for the Rhodes Scholarship expecting to get it,” she says. The scholarship is awarded annually to 83 individuals from 14 countries.

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