ombudsman building

Office of the Ombuds

113 Duhring Wing / 236 S. 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6273
Phone: 215.898.8261

Contact the Ombuds

You may arrange for a consultation by calling the Office of the Ombudsman at 215.898.8261, or by completing and submitting an electronic request for a consultation:


YOUR PRIVACY IS IMPORTANT TO US. We take great care to hold information that you share with us in strictest confidence. To that end, we strive to conduct the business of the office in person and over the telephone, but not via email, and we encourage our visitors to adhere to this practice as well.


The Office of the Ombuds is located at:

113 Duhring Wing
220 S 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104


Our office building (an annex to the Fine Arts Library) is opposite the east end of College Hall. Duhring Wing is the annex to the big red Fisher Fine Arts Library/Arthur Ross Gallery at the end of Locust Walk almost to 34th Street. The address on our building reads "Duhring Wing - 236 South 34th Street." There's a separate entrance up a flight of steps. We are on the first floor, straight back, Room 113.

A wheelchair accessible entrance is at the side of the building.

In the case of an emergency call the Division of Public Safety – the University Police:

From any campus telephone: 511

From other telephones: 215.573.3333

For medical emergencies:

Students - Report to Student Health Services, 3535 Market Street, Suite 100.

Faculty & Staff - Report to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania's Emergency Service in the Silverstein Pavilion, 34th and Spruce Streets.

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