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Our University has long advanced the idea that democracy depends on well-informed, public-minded citizens from all walks of life. Benjamin Franklin rightly believed that it was our job to educate students to become that kind of citizen. And educate Penn does, and does well.

— Dr. Amy Gutmann

Inauguration speech, October 15, 2004


Convovation "The Choice is Yours" August 29, 2016


Commencement "Friendships Across Great Divides" May 16, 2016
Convovation "Welcome to Endless Discovery" August 25, 2015

Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2016 Issue, From College Hall

"Finding Pennovation: Among faculty and students alike, innovation is alive and thriving on campus" May / June 2016

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2016 Issue, From College Hall

"Educational Diplomacy: It's one of the most far-reaching—and fundamental—forms of the art" January / February 2016

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2015 Issue, From College Hall

"A Beautiful Brain: Campus development is much more than bricks and mortar" September / October 2015


Commencement "Crossing Borders, Leaping Boundaries" May 18, 2015
Convocation "Make the Connection" August 26, 2014

Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, June 2015

"The Fundamental Worth of Higher Education" Presented at the Symposium on Higher Education, April 20, 2012

Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2015 Issue, From College Hall

"Your Phone, Your Arm, a Mote of Dust - Ensuring the future retains its capacity to amaze us" May / June2015

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2015 Issue, From College Hall

"It's In Your Pocket: For real-world applications of university research, look no farther than your phone" January / February 2015

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2014 Issue, From College Hall

"Apprizing the Penn Ethos: The President's Engagement Prize will fuel students' fire for social service" September / October 2014


Commencement "Composing the Soundtrack of Your Life" May 19, 2014
Convocation "Let the Experiment be Made!" August 27, 2013

Pennsylvania Gazette, May/Jun 2014 Issue, From College Hall

"Onward We Go: A past president's rallying cry expresses the University's continuing mission" May / June 2014

Carnegie Reporter, Winter 2014

"For What It's Worth - The value of a university education" Winter 2014

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2014 Issue, From College Hall

"A Tale of Two Buildings—and a Cat: How dynamic spaces foster interaction and education" January / February 2014

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2013 Issue, From College Hall

"The Penn Compact 2020: A guide to the University's next great chapter" September / October 2013



Commencement "A Rewarding Lifetime of Service" May 13, 2013
Convocation "Ready, Set, Engage!" September 4, 2012
Essay, Hastings Center Report, Volume 43, Issue 3, May-June 2013 "Found Your DNA on the Web: Reconciling Privacy and Progress" May - June 2013

Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2013 Issue, From College Hall

"Penn: At Home in the World" May / June 2013

Essay, New England Journal of Medicine, March 2013

"Safeguarding children--pediatric research on medical countermeasures" March 28, 2013

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2013 Issue, From College Hall

"Over the River" January / February 2013

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2012 Issue, From College Hall

"Engaging Minds by the Millions" September / October 2012



Commencement "Collaboration Generation" May 14, 2012
Keynote Address, Spencer Foundation Conference "What Makes a University Education Worthwhile?" October 5, 2011
Lecture, DeLange Conference, Rice University "How Universities Can Make the Most Difference, Locally, and Globally" February 27, 2012
Convocation "Navigating the Journey" September 6, 2011

Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2012 Issue, From College Hall

"A Global Approach to Scholarship" May / June 2012


Essay, Lancet, January 2012

"Moral science and the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues" January 2012


Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2012 Issue, From College Hall

"Weaving an Ever Stronger Penn Family Fabric" January / February 2012


Op-Ed, New York Times "How to Free Congress's Mind" November 29, 2011
9/11 Tenth Anniversary Commemoration Essay, Daily Pennsylvanian "Creating a World of Greater Understanding" September 9, 2011

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2011 Issue, From College Hall

"Walk, Bike, or Run - However you get there, you'll love Penn Park" September / October 2011


Welcome Back, Daily Pennsylvanian "The University is Exemplified by Transformation" September 7, 2011


Commencement "Four Fundamental Life Lessons from the Movies..." May 16, 2011
Public Opening, Global Colloquium of University Presidents

"Introduction of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon" April 4, 2011

Keynote Address, National Constitution Center

"Can We Talk? A Conversation about Civility and Democracy in America" March 26, 2011

Navin Narayan Memorial Lecture, 50th Anniversary Celebration of Social Studies, Harvard University

"Social Studies - Then and Now"September 25, 2010


"Why Penn?"September 7, 2010


Essay, Hastings Center Report, Volume 41, no. 4 (2011): 17-22. July-August 2011

"The Ethics of Synthetic Biology: Guiding Principles for Emerging Technologies"July-August 2011


Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2011 Issue, From College Hall

"Keeping Our Republic - Reviving a mindset conducive to compromise is essential, but it won't be easy"May / June 2011


Op-Ed, Christian Science Monitor

"Is there room for political compromise in an era of permanent campaigning?"January 4, 2011


Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2011 Issue, From College Hall

"New Doors to Invention-Student research projects develop critical skills—and could change the world"January / February 2011


Perspectives in Politics, December 2010

"The Mindsets of Political Compromise"December 2010


Pennsylvania Gazette, Sep/Oct 2010 Issue, From College Hall

"Connection and collaboration build strong communities"September / October 2010



Plenary Address 8th Global Summit of National Bioethics Advisory Bodies, SingaporeJuly 27, 2010
Commencement "Imperfect Means and Meaningful Ends: Leading a Fulfilling Life after Penn"May 17, 2010
Baccalaureate "Fill our skies with your stars"May 16, 2010
James A. Moffett Lecture, Center for Human Values, Princeton University "Leading Universities in the 21st Century: Chances and Challenges"April 29, 2010
Keynote Speech, Peking University "From Co-Existence to Collaboration: Integrating Liberal arts and Professional Education"March 10, 2010
Introductory Remarks at Tsinghua University "Toward a Sustainable Future: Cross-Cultural Research and Technological Innovation"March 9, 2010
Convocation "Keeping Penn forever young and forever strong"September 8, 2009
Pennsylvania Gazette, May/June 2010 Issue, From College Hall "Bilateral Pacts - The ties that bind Penn and China are growing tighter"May / June 2010
Times of London "Defying gravity: elite applications skyrocket as public bodies crash"February 11, 2010
Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2010 Issue, From College Hall "Food for Thought (and More): Serving up a new era of environmental responsibility"January / February 2010
Pennsylvania Gazette, Sep/Oct 2009 Issue, From College Hall "Ornamental and Essential: We need arts and culture to feel fully alive and to live as well as we can"September / October 2009



Commencement "Answering the question - What Matters Most?"May 18, 2009
Baccalaureate "Questions from a Caterpillar"May 17, 2009
Lecture Delivered in China at Shanghai Jiao Tong University "A Roadmap for Global Education: Break Down Walls and Build Windmills"January 5, 2009
Convocation "Traveling Unconventional Paths"September 2, 2008
Published in the Wall Street Journal, May 6, 2009. "College Presidents Pen Admissions Essays"May 6, 2009
Pennsylvania Gazette, May/Jun 2009 Issue, From College Hall "The Next Generation of Leaders: Increasing access fosters opportunities for Penn students to lead us forward"May / June 2009
Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2009 Issue, From College Hall "Sound Investments - These times will bring out the best in the Penn family"January / February 2009
Handbook of Political and Civic Leadership, Sage Publications, forthcoming. "Deliberative Democracy," with Dennis Thompson, in Richard Crouto, ed.
Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Wachter, Eds., Urban Sustainability in the Twenty First Century, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008, ix-xii. "Preface: Common Ground, Common Good," Growing Greener Cities (Link to a PDF copy here.)
Published in El Pais, Spanish Newpaper, October 31, 2008. "Identity in Democracy"October 31, 2008
Published in La Nación, Argentine Newpaper, September 1, 2008. "Identity in Democracy"September 1, 2008
Pennsylvania Gazette, Sep/Oct 2008 Issue, From College Hall "Penn's Building Blocks - Why bricks-and-mortar matter"September / October 2008
Deen Chatterjee, ed., Feminism, Multiculturalism and Group Rights (Oxford University Press, In Press, 2008). "The Importance of Identity Politics: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"



Commencement "Changing the Political Climate"May 19, 2008
Baccalaureate "Pursuing Ideas Across all Boundaries"May 18, 2008
Pullias Lecture, University of Southern California "Great Expectations for Higher Education in the 21st Century"February 5, 2008
Inauguration of Drew Gilpin Faust as Harvard University's 28th President Greetings for Higher EducationOctober 12, 2007
Meyerson Memorial Memorial for Penn Emeritus President Martin MeyersonOctober 5, 2007
Convocation "Expand Your Horizons"September 4, 2007
Chronicle of Higher Education, May 23, 2008. "Why Elite Colleges Have Sweetened Their Student-Aid Packages"May 23, 2008
Pennsylvania Gazette, May/Jun 2008 Issue, From College Hall "Making Gardens Bloom - More financial aid helps students, Penn, and the world"May / June 2008
Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2008 Issue, From College Hall "Ideals Embodied - Penn's faculty forms the core of a great teaching and research community"January / February 2008
2007 United Nations Secretary-General's Global Colloquium of University Presidents "Scaling Up the Environmental Commitment and Contribution of Universities"November 28, 2007
Pennsylvania Gazette, Sep/Oct 2007 Issue, From College Hall "Opening Doors - Penn's College Houses let students choose their own adventure"September / October 2007
Robert E. Goodin, Philip Pettit and Thomas Pogge, eds., A Companion to Contemporary Political Philosophy, Blackwell Publishing, 2007, pp. 521-531. "Democracy" (Link to a PDF copy here)
Harvey Siegel, ed., Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Education, Oxford University Press, in press. "Educating for Individual Freedom and Democratic Citizenship: In Unity and Diversity There Is Strength"
On Common Ground, Winter 2007, pp.16-17. "The Penn Compact and the Teachers Institute" (Link to a PDF copy here)



Commencement "Taking the Environmental High Road"May 14, 2007
Baccalaureate "Amazing Grace"May 13, 2007
Convocation "Passionate Intensity"September 9, 2006
Statement Opposing Boycott of Israeli Academics "Statement Opposing Boycott of Israeli Academics"June 26, 2007

Pennsylvania Gazette, May/Jun 2007 Issue, From College Hall

"Sustainable Dividends - At Penn, what's good for the environment pays off in other ways too"May / June 2007

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2007 Issue, From College Hall

"A Great Year for Buildings - How five innovative spaces are transforming campus life and learning"January / February 2007

Daedalus, Fall 2007

"The Lure and Dangers of Extremist Rhetoric"Fall 2007


"Commentary"October 5, 2006
The Washington Post "Commentary"October 1, 2006
Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2006 Issue, From College Hall "Ever Stronger - From research to real estate, how Penn connects"September / October 2006
André Ramos Tavares and Pedro Buck, eds., Revista Brasileira de Estudos Constitucionais RBEC, Editora Fórum, Ltda., Brazil, 2007, pp. 17-78. "O que significa democracia deliberativa" (Link to a PDF copy here)January / March 2007



Commencement "Magical Capacity for Inventiveness"May 15, 2006
Baccalaureate "Striving in the Spirit of Caring"May 14, 2006
Association of American Universities (AAU) Fall Meeting "Equity in Higher Education: The Unfinished"October 10, 2005
Convocation "Taking a Fantastic Road Trip"September 6, 2005
Pennsylvania Gazette, May/Jun 2006 Issue, From College Hall "Building Global Bridges"May / June 2006

Chronicle of Higher Education

"Hidden Treasures on the Beaten Path"March 31, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer


"For Franklin, generosity and prudence were partners - A call to continue his legacy of public service"January 17, 2006

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2006 Issue, "From College Hall"

"Worthy Heirs?"January / February 2006

Chronicle of Higher Education

"Academic Freedom or Government Intrusion"September 9, 2005

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2005 Issue, From College Hall

"Picturing Penn's Future"September / October 2005
Richard W. Bauman and Tsvi Kahana, eds., The Least Examined Branch, Cambridge University Press, 2006, pp. ix-xiii. "Forward:  Legislatures in the Constitutional State," (Link to a PDF copy here)
Ronald J. Daniels, Donald F. Kettl and Howard Kunreuther, eds., On Risk and Disaster, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006, pp. vii-viii. Forward (Link to a PDF copy here)
Susan Fuhrman and Marvin Lazerson, eds., The Public Schools, Oxford University Press, 2005, pp. 347-360. "Afterword:  Democratic Disagreement and Civic Education" (Link to a PDF copy here)
Dr. Amy Gutmann with Dennis Thompson, Nelson-Hall: Chicago, IL, 1984. Fourth edition, Thomson Wadsworth, 2006. "Ethics and Politics: Cases and Comments"



Wesleyan University Commencement AddressMay 22, 2005
Commencement "Pursuing the Answers to the World's Problems and Mysteries"May 16, 2005
Baccalaureate "Striving in the Spirit of Caring"May 15, 2005
Annenberg Distinguished Lecture "Deliberation in Education and the Media: Rising to the Challenge?"October 26, 2004
Inaugural Address "A Penn Compact"October 15, 2004
Convocation "Taking Intellectual Leaps"September 7, 2004
Pennsylvania Gazette, May/Jun 2005 Issue, From College Hall "Building Bridges" (Relates to The Penn Compact)May / June 2005

Pennsylvania Gazette, Jan/Feb 2005 Issue, From College Hall

"A Sacred Trust" (Relates to The Penn Compact)January / February 2005

Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept/Oct 2004 Issue, From College Hall

"Why I Love Penn"September / October 2004

Dr. Amy Gutmann with Peter Conn, ed., The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin:  Penn Reading Project Edition, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005, ix-xii.

"Preface:  The Power of Values" (Link to a PDF copy here)
Dr. Amy Gutmann with Dennis Thompson, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA 1996. Chinese translation:  People's Publishing House: Beijing, 2005. "Democracy and Disagreement"
Dr. Amy Gutmann with Dennis Thompson, Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ, 2004. "Why Deliberative Democracy?"
Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ, 1987. Japanese Translation: Dojidal Sha, 2004. "Democratic Education"



(Prior to Penn Presidency)
February 20, 2004 Acceptance of Trustee Nomination as President
January 22, 2004 Nomination Press Conference Remarks