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PVN Movie Channel (72-1 on your digital PVN lineup) presents roughly 40 films every month, 24 hours a day. Monthly line-ups feature something for all tastes: recently-released blockbusters, foreign language films, Hollywood classics, fine arts/performance videos, avant-garde cinema, and informational/historical documentaries. PVN Movie Channel also supports classes which use movies in its curricula. If you are a Penn instructor, office, or group who would like to learn more about how PVN Movie Channel can support your class or event, visit the Academic Support Films page.


Resident Select: PVN Movie Channel Movies On-Demand
- Start using Resident Select now! -

Resident Select allows Penn users to stream to their computer or mobile device many of the PVN Movie Channel titles available for the month. (Due to licensing restrictions, not all titles are available for streaming on Resident Select.)

Resident Select Screen

How Resident Select works

Open your favorite browser and enter this URL: http://pvn01.net.isc.upenn.edu/
After a brief licensing redirect, you’ll be taken to the movie list. You may need to install the Widevine plugin before you can watch your movie. (If you're having trouble installing the Widevine plugin, please go here.) Click on the title you want, and it will pop up in the top frame. Use the controller bar at the bottom of that frame to play, stop, pause, rewind, or fast forward through the movie. You can also view titles full screen, using the control button in the bottom right of that frame.

Note: You can only use Resident Select while you're on Penn's campus, using a Penn IP address. If you're having trouble connecting while on campus, try disconnecting and reconnecting your laptop or mobile device.

Resident Select is also available for mobile devices!


What's playing now?

Click on the links below to view the PVN Movie Channel schedule and description documents for that month. Latest information is listed at the top of the list.

November 2017 Schedule *
Note this is a schedule for a partial list of titles in support of classes and/or unavailable for streaming on Resident Select.
October 2017 Schedule*
Note this is a schedule for a partial list of titles in support of classes and/or unavailable for streaming on Resident Select.
September 2017 Schedule September 2017 Descriptions


Reserving titles

Monthly titles for the PVN Movie Channel are reserved approximately six weeks in advance of the air month; e.g., January movies are reserved around November 15. To make a specific reservation request for a class or event, please visit our Academic Support Films page.

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