Setting up your TV


PVN is available to all students, staff, and faculty living in on-campus residents. Everyone gets the same channel lineup - both SD and HD* - without use of a set-top box.

Set up your TV

PVN is plug-and-play. As seen in the video above, simply connect a standard (F-type, RG6) coaxial cable from your PennNet wallplate to the CATV input on your TV or tuner (if you have multiple devices attached to your TV), and turn on your TV. You should be all set!


If you connect your TV to the PVN service and find that not all channels are available to you (see the full lineup here), no need to worry. Most of the time, this can be solved by doing a simple channel scan (sometimes called an "auto-program" feature in your control menu) through the lineup.

Points to remember:

  1. * Make sure your cable connections are secure. If the cable isn't seated correctly in the PVN wallplate jack or the input on your TV, that can distort your signal.
  2. * Make sure your TV or tuner is set to CATV or STANDARD (STD).
  3. * Wait for the channel scan to complete. Interrupting the channel scan in the middle may cause the TV to forget those settings.
  4. * If your TV is connected to multiple devices, test your cable run from the PVN wallplate directly to the TV. Sometimes, other devices can interfere with the cable signal.

Need more help?

If you follow these steps and you still need help, let us know! The best - and fastest - way of you getting help with your PVN connection is to visit our repairs page. This page covers all the pertinent information we need to quickly address your issue.

* A note about HD

PVN provides several channels in High Definition (HD). The HD channels are called "dot-channels" or "dash-channels" because they "sit" in the spectrum at a different frequency. Such HD channels are only viewable with a ClearQAM tuner. Most modern TVs (especially those made after the digital conversion of 2009), come pre-installed with a ClearQAM-ready tuner, able to pick up these HD channels. Refer to your TV's owner's manual or specifications sheet to find out if your TV is ClearQAM-ready.

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