Setting up your TV

PVN campus television service is available to all students, staff, and faculty living on campus. Everyone gets the same channel lineup.

PVN is all digital. Your TV MUST have a ClearQAM tuner in order to view the PVN lineup. If you decide to purchase a new TV, see the bottom of this page for notes and recommendations. If you decide to purchase a ClearQAM tuner box, see our lineup page for tested options.

On-campus residents also have the option to use XFINITY on Campus streaming.

Set up your TV

PVN's digital service is plug-and-play.

  1. 1.) Connect a standard F-type RG6 coaxial cable - available from your College House computer lab - from your PennNet wallplate to your TV.
  2. 2.) Run your TV's Channel Scan or Autoprogram function. Make sure your TV is set to CABLE or STANDARD/STD, and that you have QAM or DIGITAL search enabled (this is sometimes an extra step).
  3. 3.) Let the Channel Scan finish. Once it's finished, you should be good to go!

Note: Smart TVs must also be registered as a new device on Penn's network. For more instructions on registering your device, go here.

If your TV is not receiving PVN's digital signal, check out some of our troubleshooting tips.

Tuner cards

PVN works with many ClearQAM tuner cards, such as the Hauppauge HVR-2250. Tuner cards often require you to program channel lineup information, offered by services like Zap2It! or Rovi. Scroll down the list of available providers in the 19104 zip code and select Penn Video Network's listing. We are sometimes listed under University of Pennsylvania or PennVideo.

Zap2It Guide Info

I need to buy a new TV! Help!

PVN recommends consulting with a knowledgeable sales person who would be able to identify whether the television you want to purchase is equipped with a QAM tuner.  Make sure to review the manufacturers specifications, as that will help identify the type of tuner the television has.

The majority of the following manufacturers' televisions come equipped with a QAM tuner:  Sharp, Sony, Polaroid, Toshiba, Emerson, Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Vizio (standard TVs only; Smart TVs have no QAM tuner), Insignia, TCL.

The following are known to produce televisions that do not come equipped with a QAM tuner: Seiki, Element, Sceptre, HiSense, Proscan, RCA.

Following are some further notes based on manufacturer:

  • Coby - Model TFTV3229 32" has a compatible QAM tuner
  • Dynex - Only limited models have a QAM tuner - DX-32L151A11 is NOT compatible
  • Element - Only limited models have a QAM tuner; if QAM is an option in the Channel Menu, select it and enter the Element code 31415 to activate
  • Insignia - Only limited models have a QAM tuner
  • LG - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner
  • Olevia - Model 226-T11 has a compatible QAM tuner
  • SamsungAll models since 2009 have a QAM tuner (fifth digit of model number must be B or higher)
  • Sansui - Model HDLCD3212C has a compatible QAM tuner
  • Seiki - Only limited models have a QAM tuner; Models SE24FT01 and SE47FY19 do NOT have QAM tuners.
  • Sharp - Model 32" Aquos does NOT have a QAM tuner.
  • Sony - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner
  • Sylvania - Do not appear to have QAM tuners
  • Toshiba - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner
  • Vizio - Recent standard TV models have a QAM tuner; Model VOJ320F1A has a compatible QAM tuner. Vizio Smart TVs starting in 2016 do NOT have QAM tuners.
  • Westinghouse - Some models require QAM tuner activation; try activation code 14159; Models DWM32H1G1, DWM32H1Y1, DWM42F2G1, EWM24F1Y1, LTV-27W2 do NOT have QAM tuners.

It is important to be cautious of televisions that are priced very cheaply as manufacturers can save production expense by not equipping the television with a QAM tuner.


Need more help?

If you follow these steps and you still need help, let us know! The best - and fastest - way of to get help with your PVN connection is to visit our repairs page. This page covers all the pertinent information we need to quickly address your issue.


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