Academic Support Films

Each semester, PVN works with professors, classes, and student groups to present a more complete educational experience that extends past the classroom. If you are a University professor, student group or department, you can supplement your curriculum or special event with films and programs shown on the PVN Movie Service.

Our Academic Support Films service is free for all University departments, instructors, and SAC-recognized student groups.

See this semester's Academic Support titles.


Watching, Scheduling, and Reserving Academic Support Films

How to watch

Anyone can stream our PVN Movie Service movies on-demand at any time of day, from anywhere on campus (with an active PennNet or AirPennNet connection).

How to schedule

New titles are available for on-demand streaming at the beginning of each calendar month. We can reserve your titles for one month or multiple months; just let us know! (By default, movies reserved on the Resident Select platform are available from their start month through the remainder of the academic year, while movies reserved on the Criterion On Demand platform are available for one month at a time.)

How to reserve

We try to reserve titles for a given month three to six weeks prior to the start of that month (see schedule below). For scheduling purposes, we request the following information:

1. Your name (or instructor's name). (required)
2. Course Name and Department. (required)
3. List of suggested titles. (required)
4. Month you want each title to run. (required)
5. Air-by date for your film. We will schedule your film to air before your specified air-by date. (optional)
6. Additional notes for PVN.

Please be aware that, due to licensing restrictions, not all titles are available.

If you want your movie to air You should reserve by
September August 1
October September 1
November October 1
December November 1
January November 30
February January 6
March February 1
April March 1
May April 1
Summer Session (June and July) May 10
August June 30



For questions, please contact us at


Legal notice

Films shown on the PVN Movie Service must meet federal guidelines for closed-circuit television and cable systems; we may not be able to obtain the rebroadcast rights for all your requests.

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