Channel 71-1

Channel 71-1 is the home of all Penn-made programming on PVN, from sports events and performing arts to original student content and campus announcements for all.

Submitting your program or event

Things to know before you submit:

  • * Channel 71-1 programming services are offered free of charge to all members of the University.
  • * We accept video up to 3 hours in length. See below for specific video specifications.
    • * You must own public performance and video rights for any video you submit for air. (If you are the original video producer, you already own these rights. Contact us for other situations.)
    • * Full-length videos are generally programmed into the schedule at the top of the hour.
    • * You can also submit your video for on-demand streaming. Contact us for more info.
  • * We accept graphics (for announcements) in PNG, JPG, TIFF, and PDF. See below for specific graphics specifications.
    • * Announcement graphics will run as interstitial programming between full-length videos.


Submission types and turnaround

To submit... What you do Turnaround time
Text only (where PVN will design your backgrounds and graphics) contact us at You will receive a proof < 5 business days after receipt
Pre-created graphics (posters, flyers, PDFs) We will start running your submission < 1 business day after receipt
Pre-created full-motion video

Graphics guidelines

Following are best recommended specifications for pre-created graphics:

Size: 1920x1080 pixels
Resolution: 72 or greater
Color mode: RGB (best for TV reception) or Black-and-white
Orientation: Horizontal (vertically-oriented graphics will have to be re-formatted for proper viewing)

If you submit a background image larger than specified above, the image will be shrunk to fit those dimensions. Please be aware that resizing a low-resolution image can result in a loss of quality.


VBB Text Size Example

About graphic text

Your message text should be legible on a TV screen. The suggested minimum text size for VBB messages is 24pt. Text smaller than 24pt will be difficult to read on a TV screen, especially at a distance.

Larger text sizes should be used for important information, such as your event title, location, date and time.


Acceptable file formats

We accept full-motion video in the following formats (larger files will require a Penn+Box share):

  • .MOV (requires conversion)
  • .MP4
    • Video Codec: H.264, H264, MP4
      Audio Codec: AAC
      Profile: Baseline or Main
      Maximum Video Bitrate: 3 Mbps
      Maximum Audio Bitrate: 1 Mbps

The following image formats can be submitted in black and white or full-color. Black and white images will be left black and white unless you specify colorization (please allow extra time for colorization).

.PDF (requires conversion)
.PPTX (requires conversion)

Submit your message

Contact us at to get your message up and running!

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