TiVo, Roku, and More

You can use several over-the-top TV accessory boxes - such as TiVo DVRs, Roku boxes, and the like - to supplement your PVN service. (Remember that PVN is a plug-and-play service; you don't need any cable box to receive the PVN channel lineup.)

About Over-the-Top Services

PVN continues to recommend using WIRED (LAN) over-the-top streaming video devices, as opposed to wireless offerings.

While PVN does not advocate one Over-the-Top device over any other, both the Roku 2 XS and Boxee Box have HDMI outputs, support 720p as well as 1080i resolutions, and offer the most robust WIRED streaming video experience. The DVR service provided by TiVo has also been tested to work successfully with PVN and wired PennNet.

Of course, these specialized over-the-top options are not your only resources. Services like Netflix are available on your personal computer, as well as your XBOX 360, Playstation 3, or Wii (through apps); the video streaming services on each of these systems will work for you, too.

Before you set up your Over-the-Top device: Registration

1) Unpack your Over-the-Top accessory device. Do NOT hook it up, yet!

2) Find your device's MAC address (usually on a sticker on the back or bottom of the device). It will look like this: 00:11:11:11:AA:BB

3) Register your device on Penn's network at
https://netreg.net.isc.upenn.edu/cgi-bin/netregnb/register.pl (will open in a new window).
You will need your PennKey and password to access the site. You may need to click "Continue" to get to the registration page.

4) Fill out the registration form:
Select "other" in the Type of Device field.
Click "Continue" when you are done.
You will be taken to a second page where you will be asked to input the specific type of device.
Click "Continue" when you are done.

Click "OK" to complete your registration, or click "Add another device" to register another device.

Other Video Options: Home Accounts

At home, you may be a subscriber to Comcast/Xfinity, Time Warner, HBO, Cablevision/Optimum, or another provider. Many of these companies offer video streaming services of their programming over the Internet, to your PC or mobile device. To access these services, please contact your individual service provider.


You are responsible for keeping your video streaming hardware and/or account(s) in good standing. If you are experiencing issues with your streaming hardware or service, please contact the provider company; PVN is not licensed to handle repair of your Over-the-Top device.

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