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Embracing Digital Dentistry

Big Ideas

A look at a few of our big picture priorities that improve Penn as we create knowledge to benefit the world.

four people standing in front of an optics table behind a tangle of wires in a lab in

Bringing ideas to life through experimental physics

Researchers in the lab of Liang Wu are generating data to gain a better understanding of the properties of quantum materials. Their fundamental research can lead to applications ranging from better optoelectronic devices to quantum computers.

Curator standing in front of two hanging artworks


Open to the public for the first time since March, the Arthur Ross Gallery’s new exhibition “Re-materialize” features sculptures and mixed-media work by four artists who transform found and recycled materials.

Two people standing beside a Mongolian ger on a hill with Ulaanbaatar in the background.

Gers and the grid: Combatting air pollution in Mongolia

The Center for Environmental Building and Design (CEBD) at The Weitzman School partnered with Mongolian nonprofit GerHub to test out ways of making ger living more energy efficient to reduce air pollution and improve respiratory conditions in Ulaanbaatar.

a fallen tree on top of a playground next to a picnic table

After the storm, how to make a city more resilient

During a Perry World House virtual event, panelists discussed the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and how cities can use these learnings to better recover from extreme weather events and climate change.