Enormous open pit mine studied by Penn research Psarras Research

Turning carbon emissions into rocks

In Penn’s Clean Energy Conversions Lab, researcher Peter Psarras and colleagues are repurposing waste from industrial mines, storing carbon pulled from the atmosphere into newly formed rock.

Big Ideas

A look at a few of our big picture priorities that improve Penn as we create knowledge to benefit the world.

3d render of cells secreting exosomes.

New insights into the mechanisms of tumor growth

A team of researchers led by the School of Arts & Science’s Wei Guo characterize the molecular pathways that play a major role in tumorigenesis, findings that could lead to better diagnostic tools for cancer and new targeted therapies.

An Israeli protester holds a lit flare giving off a red glow as another waves an Israeli flag in a nighttime protest.

Democracy in Israel

Perry World House hosted a conversation to look at how the proposals from Israel’s new far-right government could weaken the country’s democracy.

A toddler is seen from behind riding a scooter with a blue helmet on and wearing an American flag like a cape.

Matthew Levendusky’s ‘Our Common Bonds’

A new book by Matthew Levendusky of the School of Arts & Sciences shows that, although there is no simple solution that will eradicate partisan animosity, there are concrete interventions that can reduce it.

A graveyard is covered in Ukrainian flags and large displays of flowers.

The war in Ukraine: One year on

A panel of experts took the stage at Perry World House to consider the prospects for peace and what constitutes a victory in an insightful discussion about the war and what the future holds for both Russia and Ukraine.

A statue depicts a woman holding a baby, a school aged child and a man running from a hurricane.

The storm of 1928 and the tempest’s legacies

Brett Robert’s research looks at a hurricane that killed thousands across the Caribbean and into Florida. His work explores how racial relationships shape the way people live and die within their environments.