Big Ideas

A look at a few of our big picture priorities that improve Penn as we create knowledge to benefit the world.

Lucas Monroe sits in the bleachers at the Palestra.

How Lucas Monroe defines leadership

Lucas Monroe, a political science major from Abington, Pennsylvania, combines athletics and introspection to take on a leadership role in social justice work on campus and beyond.

Woodcut print of a family in the 1800s.

America as it actually was

“Teaching Independence: Bridging the Communications Gap,” took an in-depth look at the challenges of teaching the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and the nation’s founding in the current political climate.

view of earth from space

A multidisciplinary approach to considering the Earth’s changing systems

Bringing expertise from each of their disciplines, the School of Arts & Sciences’ Kathleen Morrison and Joseph Francisco and the Environmental Innovations Initiative’s Melissa Brown Goodall infused chemistry, anthropology, policy, and more into an introductory course on climate and the environment.

Four people sit on a stage at Perry World House.

Islands on the climate front line

Perry World House’s Global Shifts Colloquium looked at how islands can protect their people, build resilient communities, and safeguard their environment in the climate crisis.

Windmills on the coast of Chile.

Turning Latin America green

Santiago Cunial, a doctoral candidate in political science, investigates issues surrounding green energy in Chile and Argentina.