Big Ideas

A look at a few of our big picture priorities that improve Penn as we create knowledge to benefit the world.

A put-out cigarette standing on its end, next to half of another crumpled cigarette. In the background are two whole cigarettes.

Parental nicotine use and addiction risk for children

In research done using rats, Penn Nursing’s Heath Schmidt and colleagues found that males that engaged in voluntary nicotine use had offspring more likely to do so, too. Some offspring also developed impaired memory and anxiety-like behavior.

Two men in suits face a large TV screen showing Pennsylvania 2022 Senate election results.

Five election takeaways

Stephanie Perry, executive director of the Penn Program on Opinion Research and Election Studies and manager for exit polls at NBC News, shares her team’s top five exit-poll analyses to help explain what happened.

gloved hand holding covid vacciine

Do vaccine lotteries work?

Wharton’s Katy Milkman shares the lessons learned from last year’s Philly Vax Sweepstakes, a Penn-funded project designed to evaluate ways of increasing COVID-19 vaccinations in the city.

A gloved hand holds a petri dish filled with green colored tablets. Plants in containers are shown in the background

Chewing to curb COVID

Penn Medicine will conduct a new clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a chewing gum designed by School of Dental Medicine researchers to trap SARS-CoV-2 in the saliva.

A man tends to a kiln and collects charcoal in front of a eucalyptus plantation.

Where does charcoal come from—and is it sustainable?

Charcoal energizes everything from backyard barbecues to industrial metallurgy, but its environmental impact is worse than once thought. Research from the School of Arts & Sciences finds that policy changes could make charcoal more sustainable.